Growing up in a small town, life was simple.

My father was a high school vice-principal and my mother was an amazing full-time mom. I grew up during a time when children played outside for hours unsupervised -only to go home for dinner at six o’clock.

We had old-fashioned roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinners on Sundays in the countryside on my Grandparents farm. As a family we often took long Saturday morning bike rides out in the country.  I would sit on the handlebars of my father’s bike and all six of us would leisurely pedal through the countryside; we took up the whole road. I remember always having to create something. I enjoy putting things together or taking them apart in order to discover what is possible. I don’t like to play by the rules, I never have. With my work I enjoy being an outlaw, breaking rules and staying away from convention and conformity. I have always loved being known as ‘the black sheep’ and believe in ‘colouring outside of the lines’. I love learning new techniques and also inventing new ways to do things, soaking up all the information I can. I will always be a student of the arts continually moving, learning and growing.

Throughout my life I have been drawn to and inspired by many of the 19th Century impressionist painters like Monet and Renoir and I really love the work s of Van Gogh and Edgar Degas. I believe that an artists job is to dig deep within themselves and create something that defines what ever their truth is in the moment.  This should be constantly changing and evolving as one grows and changes as a person.  I will never be caught creating something to match someone’s couch.  I look deep within myself and use both my intuition and skills to create what I feel will hopefully move someone in one direction or another, to open a discussion or to make someone stop and smile.  If I have done my job properly, my work will hopefully also encourage creativeness in another, in one form or another, inspiring them to also look inside themselves and see that they too are worthy and have something beautiful and meaningful within themselves, to show to the world.

Love to all, thank you for your support,

Mary Ann