Learn How to Create Your Own Magnificent Mandala.

Learn How to Create Your Own Magnificent Mandala.

I absolutely love making Mandalas. 

Mandala means circle.  A mandala represents wholeness, reminding us of our relation to the universe, infinity. Like the circle, the mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth.  Circles are all around us. There are conceptual circles of friends, family, and community. Just look around you and especially at nature and you will see everywhere.

The symbol is that life never ends, they are a spiritual tool in many religions Buddism, Hindu and more.  They can be used for meditation purposes, allowing people to become one with the universe.

The thing I love most about mandalas is that the whole purpose behind them is the experience of making them and not the finished product.  The power lies in the making, the creating the connection with mind, heart and hand through the process.  Setting your intentions forward through creativity, by connecting hand to heart and mind can lead to a more authentic and meaningful life

How to create YOUR personal Mandala

  • piece of blank paper
  • a round plate (for tracing)
  • ruler
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • a radio or CD player for music.
  • your imagination
  • your dreams


  • First of all sit with your paper and leave it blank.  This is the most important part. Let go of what you think you should do, or what you feel other people might like.  This piece of art is not for anyone else but YOU.   The whole purpose behind doing this type of creative work is for you to go inside yourself and discover who you are, what you want, what your dreams are and write them down on a piece of paper and then create this symbol of celebration and release of them through art.  Clear your mind of all the clutter, the to-do lists and the negative thoughts we all carry around with us. Put on some soft beautiful music that you love and breathe.  Close your eyes and empty your mind. Breathe and then…imagine all of the things that you love.
  •  What do you love? A beach? Sunshine? Reading? Love itself. Think of the feeling associated with things that you love.  Feel it.  Sit with it for a while and enjoy just that.  Start dreaming.  Think of what you want to see happen in your life this year, in 2017.
  • Love? Friends, Peace? Success?Write whatever words or colours that come to your mind down on a separate piece of paper.
  • It could be anything – Peace, Happiness, Restfulness, Health.  Write them all down – don’t judge it don’t analyze it just write it.
  • Now, get out of your own way…Yes, step back and allow the connection to the life force of creativity that we all share, to take hold.  Write whatever you see without judgment, critique or second guessing it.


  • Take the plate and trace the circle on the paper.  Divide it into quadrants. (use a ruler)
  • You can choose as many quadrants as you like.
  • Choose 4-6  words from your list that you feel JUMP out at you.
  • If you have more symbols you can simply create more quadrants.  You can use words, colours, symbols, anything that helps you identify with the feelings of happiness that you created in our mind.
    ( Peace might be a peace sign or a dove, Love might be a heart or two hands or a mother and a child.)
  • Create a centre point to your Mandala. Use a smaller cup to trace around this it doesn’t have to be perfectly in the centre but you can measure it with a ruler first to find the centre.
  • Put the symbol in the centre that you love the most.  The one that you feel sums up your dreams.  One idea is to draw small doodles out from this area if you want, that connect your quadrants.  (no rules though)
  • Most important – DO NOT OVER THINK IT !  Just draw out what comes to your mind, don’t analyze don’t judge your art. The important thing about this mandala is that it resonates with YOU, and no one else.
  • Take your time and as you finish each quadrant, sit with it a while.  Become friends with it.
  • It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands your images—it’s only important that they resonate with you. Don’t spend time analyzing, wondering or explaining what you have done to anyone.  

STEP THREE : The most important part is that while you are drawing, coloring or working on your Mandala, is connecting your intentions to your creativity.  Take the time to repeat your words or symbols out loud as you continue to create. This is where the magic happens.  It is yours for the year, so display it somewhere where you can see it; good places include on your refrigerator or computer or anywhere where you will get a chance to absorb it on a daily basis.

My Mandalas

Here are two Mandalas that I created for myself for 2017.  I finished them last night, on New Year’s eve.  My first one, Transformation 2017,  was created from an intuitive card reading that I did for myself.  I pulled three cards from three different decks that I work with.  In reading through their meanings I felt that there were a few key words that called out to me, Reflection, Transformation, Meditation, Intuition, Patience, Adventure, Gracefulness and Sensitivity.  I wrote these words on the mandala in several places.  I then drew symbols that I felt were important to me from each card, the dragonfly, the swan, the rabbit, mushrooms the dish, the north compass, and the bluebird.  My whole mandala centered around these images and words.  I chose colours that I felt were calming and limited it to 6 colours.

My second Mandala, Trust Synchronicity,  was created after I had meditated and sat with the first one.  This one was organic, and free and I love the message and had a lot of fun creating it.

These two mandalas will be my symbols for 2017.  I will most likely frame them and put them up in my home, possibly in my meditation area or my office where I can look at them daily.  Every time I look at them, I feel the same feelings that I felt when I emptied my mind and sat down to let the happiness flow in.

Please post your comments below this blog and if you like it, share it with a friend or on your Facebook page.  Happy Mandala Creating.

Here is a link to my article in the Delta Optimist on Mandalas.   Mandalas 



  1. Thank you so much, Donna for leaving me this message. I just received it now. Have a wonderful day. Mary Ann Burrows

  2. Love – Love – Love
    You inspire me so much as I haven’t created mandalas in recent years. Time to get back to doing. Gratitude to you, Blessings, Love and Hugs ?

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