Mind Movies are so cool.

Mind Movies are so cool.

Im so excited.  The best thing that I did this entire Christmas season, was to make my very first mind-movie. Mind movies are an excellent tool to use in helping improve your life.

“A mind movie transforms a boring vision board into a fun, digital video vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music. ” (Mindmovies.com)

To start with, I gathered a number of images that I really loved and I also used some of my own artwork that I felt really summed up how I envisioned my life going forward.  Assembling the images into a movie was inspiring, creative and just so much fun.  The whole premise behind a mind-movie is for you to put your desires, intentions and dreams out there into the world.  Once you set your intentions free by writing them down or using your creativity to bring them to life, they begin to  soar,  releasing themselves to the universe, like the seeds of a dandelion,  a beautiful energy that flows, takes hold where it lands, and then comes to life.  A word of caution – be careful what you wish for as it will most likely transpire in one form or another.

I used iMovie on my mac, and set my mind-movie to my favourite Adele song, ‘Remedy’.  I had purchased it a while back on iTunes.  You can use songs from your iTunes if the movie is just for your own viewing, and won’t be shared on the internet.

If you want to learn how to make one there are many sites that offer apps and programs like the mind movie.com site above, plus there is a lot of different how-to videos on U-tube with info on how to make one.  There are also sites that offer royalty free music for you to use on your movie if you plan to share it on-line.

I feel that a mind- movie is a personal exploration and not necessarily something that you would share with others.  You may discover, however,  through creating it, things about yourself and your life that you didn’t know.    I discovered that in  2016,  I really rolled up my sleeves and committed to my personal growth and my creativity.  I was in learner mode taking in as much information as I could. I was working hard and taking an average of 3 classes at a time in intuitive work and creativity coaching in addition to running the Non-Profit society and trying to get in to the studio to do my own creative work as much as possible.  Really focused on my path, while learning to help others, I was also able to also unblock some of the creative blockages in myself and in own work.

The most important words that I learned to honour this past year in relationship to my creativity were Consistency and Diligence.  I discovered that if you want to light your creativity flame it takes work, a willingness to look at where your creativity comes from and what you want to say to the world.  I also learned the importance of incorporating daily meditation and daily creativity into my life. Yes, DAILY.  (Even if its only 20 minutes.) I discovered that the creative mind is like a muscle. The more you use it the better it works.  Through personal experience I discovered that by committing to doing creative work every single day,  my mind began opening up like the petals of a rose peeling back, taking me to places I never imagined existed. (without drugs lol) Its like my creative mind literally had a mind of its own.  Today, 11 months into my creative commitment, I am left with a huge body of work, a visual journal of the processes that I and my creative mind went through together during this beautiful transformation.   By creating every single day my mind became ignited and on fire, I even found myself waking up in the night and writing down or drawing out my ideas that came to me in dreams.  I was literally creating in my sleep.

I discovered my desire to write more, create more, and support others in their own creative journeys by helping them move through whatever may be stopping them from becoming more  in tune and connected to the source of their own creativity, next to the spark that sets it all on fire.

My mind-movie is full of images of  travel, having  fun and being wild.  Its shows a year with more colour, bigger opportunities, lots of design, more public speaking, workshops, opportunities to coach, lead and mentor others.  My hopes include remaining strong physically, strengthening my connection to spirit and collecting more experiences and less things. I want to strive to wear life like a loose cloak and remain authentic, flexible and kind living each day by the words of Isak Dinesen, “Here I am, where I ought to be.”

Every morning since its creation,  I turn it up loud, sing ‘Remedy’ at the top of my lungs and play my mind-movie just for myself,  as a testament, an honouring almost like a prescription drug for my creative mind, a plug in for the wonderful, the magnificent and the dreams that I want to manifest for myself in my life in the next year.

Since I was left with a body of work , I also put together another little movie that I will  to share with you.  Although not my mind-movie, a collection of a few of my favourite pieces of art made throughout this past year.

2016 was a  wonderful year both personally and creatively.   I feel satisfied for having taken the time to unlock and open doors within myself, and my life which have led me through a series of layers leaving me with real sense of higher enlightenment and excitement about the world around me.  It feels as though it may be getting closer to the real core, the centre of my creativity, where my desire and fire lies.  The best part is, I will continue to change, become, evolve for the rest of my life and there so much to look forward to and discover.

I hope you enjoy this short movie,  a little bit of a reflection for me of what I was feeling and discovering creatively in 2016.

I hope that you enjoy it.  Happy 2017,  I have a feeling its going to be a great year.

with Love, Light & Creativity, Mary Ann


This is a short movie showing the art work that I created in the past year .  Thank you for your support and love.

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