Mary Ann Burrows

Mary Ann Burrows is an accomplished artist who creates on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia.

Let the gravity of your star pull you into your dreams…

With a background in marketing and business management, Mary Ann spent many years as the owner of Mulder & Co. Marketing Inc., a Canadian Wholesale giftware company.

Picture of Mary AnnAfter a number of fulfilling years, Mary Ann chose to pursue her passion for her artwork through drawing, encaustics, graphics, design  and painting and CREATIVITY…

Her dream is to flourish and to help others to do the same by finding their own spark through their own creativity.

She is a huge believer in the connection of Spirit and creativity and loves to explore and expand the endless possibilities within herself and others through this work.

She is the founder and president of  ‘Spark’ Creativity Coaching and works with individuals and groups as a mentor and coach to enhance and encourage creativity in all forms.

Mary Ann is the founder and past president of  ‘ Artists in the Village’,  a non-profit society aimed at fostering a sense of community amongst local artists for three years from its inception to end in January of 2018.

She is also a supporting member of both the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Fraser Valley Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.