3 D Art Project Day 1

3D art journaling combines words with our imagination and ignites another layer of what lies just below the surface of our awareness.  This practice expresses more than what can be put into words.  In the previous post (Inside the Box – Covid 19 art project) I outlined the materials needed and a simple instruction sheet. Please read that post before beginning the project.

Art Journalling is reflective practice; a way of using our hands together with our hearts to help manifest what lays just below the surface, deepening meaning and understanding.

3D art journaling is  a way to “think and feel differently;” 

From my own personal experience it helps me reconnect my thinking and feelings, and often ignites old memories and experiences from my past during the creative  play process. The wonderful thing about 3-D art making and journaling is that it is a whole brain activity, very spontaneous, at times lead by my inner knowing and intuition. It is soothing and satisfying to allow oneself to be drawn to images and colours with nothing more than a feeling. To use this art project as your journal  and write your words directly on it takes your experience into a non linear direction bringing your experiences to a whole different level.  When you search for images that express your feelings further, then cut and paste these feelings onto your project it brings the feeling into a form. It feels satisfying and healing and also releasing when you can hold and touch your experience in your hands. In a way bringing your words into a form can help one detach from any intrusive, fearful thoughts that may be lingering.  It captures the free-floating emotions that are often left on a page after writing and puts them somewhere else.  In this case,in a box. I like using the “In the Box” art project for the metaphor that surrounds it. 

You are disassembling an old Kleenex box (Kleenex represents tears) you are painting over the inside and outside of the disassembled box. You use the new painted over surface to journal on for a week. You search for images, or draw images on the inside of your box. You cut paste create over the inside of the box, the inside of your experience. You then flip it over and work on the outside of the box. What sits outside your experience? What does that look like? Feel like? You journal on the outside of your experience. 

Reassembling the box requires patience and glue. Sticking things back together. Taking, gluing the moments and feelings back into an object.  

You now hold a powerful container for one of your personal life experiences and transitions, a source of mindful moments. You have created your experience via the visual language of art. 

This exercise can be done with a group or one on one. It can be helpful to witness one another through the process of understanding the implicit knowledge that lies within ones own art journalings. 

It is wonderful to experience this with supportive individuals engaged in visual journalling as a form of self-exploration and transformation.

It’s important as art makers that the process is witnessed and honored for the wisdom that it contains. 

As the creator of our own art through  3-D journaling  we have the ability to feel that we can somehow restore what has been lost. Through our own making, cutting pasting and re-building, we are able to physically make changes to what already exists . 

The 3D art  experience can be described as a highly sensory and pleasurable road map, a working through of thoughts and ideas 

DAY 1 – Setting the stage for your Art Journal in 3D Watch my u-tube video here for day 1 of your project.