3 minute Grounding Meditation.

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It takes 3 minutes. Only 3 minutes. About the same length of time that it takes for you to finish reading this to bring more into your life.  The 3 minute grounding & receiving meditation is simple, quick and effective.


  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Cup your hands in the shape of a bowl under your breasts with your elbows relaxed.
  3. Breathe in and out slowly.
  4. Visualize water pouring down from the sky into your hands.
  5. The water represents the essence of all your dreams, all of your desires and everything you might be searching for.  As you feel the water in your hands feel the essence, not the form, of all that you want to achieve, all that you want to give to the world and all that you want to become.
  6.  Sit back and simply feel the feeling,  and allow yourself the honour of being able to receive this beautiful gift.
  7.   Sit in this beautiful 3 minute sanctuary of your mind and let this essence fill you up, entirely.
  8. Repeat this every day. You will see that this will help manifest beautiful things in your life and help ground you, opening you up to new levels of creativity.
  9. Here is some wonderful 3 minute relaxing music to listen to while doing this blissful meditation.     -Hover and click MUSIC  

In creativity and light  Mary Ann xo


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  3. Thanks for this great meditation, Maryann♥️ It overcame my retrograde aversion to meditating????

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