Peace by M.A. Burrows

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I  met myself without my story,

inside of my  beautiful mind.

We  made peace,

my mind, and I.


In here,

I am clear.

I am  free. 

I am awake.

I am only noticing.

Simply flowing back and forth,

with little effort,

my brilliant imagination

in perfect sync with the calm,

silent melody of knowing.

It is quiet,

without war.

There is no thinking,

no judging,

no focusing,

over analyzing

or searching,

no yearning for more.

I can fly,

untethered to old stories

of loss and abandonment,

of feeling unloved and unwanted.

 I am unattached

to past lessons and experiences.

I am still.

Noticing and nothing else.

It is such a beautiful world

when you don t know and just notice.

                            A future can’t be seen

with no past to project.

I am here, with myself,

bare and naked.

 I am empty,  

yet, I feel whole

 I am at peace.  

Mary Ann Burrows

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