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I like what MARTHA Beck,PhD(Harvard educated) who writes for Oprah magazine, author of many best-selling books and the life coach of life coaches had to say about MYSTICISM in her gathering room yesterday. 

“Accept no substitutes. Just because one can do magic tricks or have visions doesn’t mean that they are on the right track-this is the wrong type of mysticism.” Martha Beck

These words strongly resonated with me, because, like many of you, there was a time in my life, that I too felt drawn to the fireworks, wizard of oz magic show, full of bells and whistles in the mystic world . I was pulled in because it was branded as being Spiritual. I learned many things during that time of my life, but the biggest thing that I learned was that all that glitters is not gold behind the curtain of the wizard of oz. Mainly though, it wasn’t for me. In palaeontology terms ‘this was not my tribe’, and so I walked away. 

The experience, although devastating at the time, was a catalyst for me as it helped me to see who my true friends were, and exactly who I am and gratitude eventually followed months later.

Through this life lesson, I learned to trust my own integrity and intuition above all else. Both my intuition and my body tried to tell me all along that that I was in a bad situation , but it was obviously me that needed the lesson and I was the one that refused to listen. 

Everything you are searching for is right here. Right inside of you. You don’t need to buy books, or tarot cards or wishing stones or magic feathers to feel closer to something you already have. 

So stop chasing it and surrender. Learn to lean into it and then you will finally be able to feel it. You are surrounded by it. You are already loved and adored. 

All you have to do is believe it! 
Practice self love, DAILY 
DO non-material things anything that you feel brings you closer to feeling the light of love.
-Walking in nature.
-Feel ALL of your feelings, tell them to other people, express them to the world.  
This is the place that I live from now – I AM right where the real magic lives.

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