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I am an Artist, Poet, Author and Coach, inspired by nature, with a passion for solitary walks in the wild

We live in an ephemeral space, where endings and goodbyes are a constant certainty, and beauty and glory are its brilliant, fleeting stars.

Mary Ann Burrows

I specialize in the healing and transformational power of creativity,  journaling, and expressive writing. I am a poet, a published author, and an artist.  I am a graduate of Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coaching Program (2019) and Advanced Creativity Coaching at the Creativity Coaching Association USA. (2017/18), I am also currently enrolled in the Creative Writing University degree program (2021), as a part-time student.  I studied painting for over 20 years and have taken too many art courses and workshops on technique and color theory in all of the mediums to count. Most importantly, I have spent years at my art table playing, creating, and learning. I have spent my life as a creator and going through the creative process. I have sold many pieces throughout Canada and the United States, and also given many away as gifts to friends, family, and charities for auction.

I guess you could say that I’m a philanthropist with a love for the Forest and youth. I am a proud contributor and supporter of Take a Hike Foundation through my private family foundation -the Burrows Foundation. 

Here are a few other things I have done along the way. In addition to these ‘things’, I have also owned a marketing company and designed garden products for stores across Canada.

What brings me the most joy these days is writing. I write daily and I am always working on one or two book projects, and have a few others brewing in my mind. 

Art Teacher –Art and Creative instructor at Delta’s McKee Senior Center.

Board Member Positions: 

Founding Board Member (secretary) The Doug and Maureen Husband Legacy Society  A Delta BC Society has a mission to inspire and strengthen the community of Delta through arts, culture and history.

Founding Board Member (vice-president) of The Harlow and Mary Ann Burrows Foundation with yearly donations to Take a Hike Foundation, The Delta Hospital and Delta Assist Community Programs.

Founder and President of Artists in the Village Non Profit Society (2015-17) a local arts society that helped raise awareness of the importance of art and creativity in the community.  



Monthly Columnist for The Delta Optimist – Creativity Column “An Artful Life” (2017/2018)

Oh, Monkey ! Published in 2019 (author & illustrator)

GATOR ON MY BACK Published in 2020 (author & illustrator)

The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives (Contributing author) Edited by Dr. Eric Maisel/Routledge/ New York 2020

Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients (Contributing author) Edited by Lynda Monk/Eric Maisel/ Routledge New York 2021

Elephant Journal – I write on Elephant Journal about my love for the woods and other things in life.

Coming Soon…The Great Book of Journalling, (Contributing Author) Edited by Lynda Monk/Eric Maisel,(My chapter is called The Forest Journal)

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