I Set Myself Free

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 I Set Myself Free


I am me.

I stand alone in my own skin

as an independent thinker.

I claim my power.

I am not defined by anyone, anything,  or by my past experiences.

I am defined by

who I am

and what I choose

in the here and now and moving forward.

I set myself free, 

holding onto my own power.  

Free to move forward in the way that I choose, honouring myself.

I am free  to create, to be me

and to be seen,

without looking behind at my past.

I stand with integrity by my powerful words

in the knowing that they are my truth, 

 I fly with grace, always, and I show up,

as  myself.

                                           by MaryAnn Burrows

(available as a  15″  x 18.5″ Signed,  limited edition print)


My feathers are now fluffed back up, and I am ready to take flight.  This painting was birthed from my journey.  Today is a time for joy and a moment to celebrate all of the life lessons, that brought me here to this moment where I am able to feel the deepest gratitude for the Spirit of the raven, the Devine source,  and for my ability to put feelings and thoughts from my heart and mind onto paper and share it with the world.

I hope that I am forever learning how to fly.

With love,

Mary Ann  

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