Love is the driving force behind all creativity.

Mary Ann Burrows lives in Delta BC.  A spiritual adventurer since early childhood, her creative work is used for healing, meditation, connection and astral journeying. She is a truth seeker, a seer,  and a writer who educates and mentors others about returning to authentic living by getting in touch with their soul through  creativity.

” I believe in my core that everybody has the potential to be creative in whatever form that creativity takes. My vision is to create an environment for others where they feel encouraged to create.  More interesting to me are the blocks that get in the way of creativity.  without us noticing, hindering creativity and stopping people from discovering their true authentic creative self.” Mary Ann Burrows 

She is a huge believer in the connection of Spirit and creativity and loves to explore and expand the endless possibilities within herself and others through this work. She believes that it is in the darkest hours, where we must create light and that we all have the capacity to positively influence the quality of the life experience of those that we meet.

Her passion is creativity in all forms and her life purpose, to be beautiful, bountiful, blissful, and to be graceful, and grateful.  She wants to flourish in all things,  encouraging others to do the same. Her limited edition prints are for sale in select boutiques and on-line.

She believes in service, community, connection and also creating opportunities for others, so founded and ran “Artists in the Village’,  a non-profit society aimed at fostering a sense of community amongst local artists.  From its inception to close in April of 2017, this community organization was able to put over $20,000.00 back into the hands of artists and donate $10,000.00 to the Corporation of Delta for a public art project.

She volunteered full time for 9 months with an international Spiritual school as a chosen ‘Master Mentor’  leading, inspiring, encouraging and supporting hundreds of students from 28 different countries as they transpired on their self empowered journey, enhanced by sharing their creativity.

She also enjoys volunteering her time as co-writer of  ‘ An ArtFull Life’ a monthly column in the Delta Optimist Newspaper with Anthropologist and artist Meg Neufeld from a wonderful Ladner organization called Alongside You  

Alongside You is an an integrated health agency that provides Individual, Couples, and Family Counselling, Therapeutic Arts and Arts Programs for the community -No doctor referral necessary. The client may self-refer, or be referred by their doctor or another community professional, friend, or family member.

Mary Ann enjoys spending time at Sacred Roots Yoga and Meditation,  walking drinking good coffee and spending time with her dogs Pico and Theo, her family and friends.

If you are searching  for her she will most likely be surrounded by paint pots and brushes in her art studio with her two papillon puppies, Theo and Pico sitting at her feet and a few dabs of paint on her face.