Love is the driving force behind all creativity.

Mary Ann Burrows lives in Delta BC.  A spiritual adventurer since early childhood, her creative work is used for healing, meditation, connection and astral journeying. She is a truth seeker, a seer,  and a published author who educates and mentors others about creating their way to self acceptance through getting in touch with their soul through creativity.

She is also a creativity coach and will soon be adding in her certification as  a life coach with Oprah Magazine author,  Martha Beck in her Wayfinder’s Program completing in June 2019, allowing her to step into her role as a creative living coach.

” I believe in my core that everybody has the potential to be creative in whatever form that creativity takes. My vision is to create an environment for others where they feel encouraged to create.  More interesting to me are the blocks that get in the way of creativity without us noticing, hindering our lives and our creativity and stopping people from discovering their true authentic creative self.”  Mary Ann Burrows 

She believes in clearing the pathway inside of yourself and in the direct connection between Spirit and creativity.  She loves to explore and expand the endless possibilities within herself and others through this work.

“It is in the darkest hours, where we must create light and that we all have the capacity to positively influence the quality of the life experience of those that we meet.”

Her passion is creativity in all forms and her life purpose, to be beautiful, bountiful, blissful, and to be graceful, and grateful.  She wants to flourish in all things,  encouraging others to do the same.

She believes in service, community, connection and also creating opportunities for others, so founded and ran “Artists in the Village’,  a non-profit society aimed at fostering a sense of community amongst local artists.  From its inception to close in April of 2017, this community organization was able to put over $20,000.00 back into the hands of artists and donate $10,000.00 to the Corporation of Delta for a public art project. She is on the board and is a founder of The Harlow and Mary Ann Foundation that supports The Delta Hospital Foundation and the Delta Hospice.

The author of 3 oracle creativity journals and two children’s books, plus many other creative projects available on Amazon, she continues to walk the walk of a creative producing, sharing and supporting others to do the same. OH, Monkey – a self empowerment book for children is arriving in the fall of 2019 visit Oh, Monkey for launch dates and a chance to win a BOOK.