We live in an ephemeral space, where endings and goodbyes are a constant certainty, and beauty and glory are its brilliant, fleeting stars.

– Mary Ann Burrows

I specialize in the healing and transformational power of creativity,  journaling, and expressive writing. I am a poet, a published author, and an artist.  I am a graduate of Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coaching Program (2019) and Advanced Creativity Coaching at the Creativity Coaching Association USA. (2017/18), I am also currently enrolled in the Creative Writing University degree program (2021), as a part-time student.  I studied painting for over 20 years and have taken too many art courses and workshops on technique and color theory in all of the mediums to count. Most importantly, I have spent years at my art table playing, creating, and learning. I have spent my life as a creator and going through the creative process. I have sold many pieces throughout Canada and the United States, and also given many away as gifts to friends, family, and charities for auction.

I guess you could say that I’m a philanthropist with a love for the Forest and youth. I am a proud contributor and supporter of Take a Hike Foundation through my private family foundation -the Burrows Foundation. 

Here are a few other things I have done along the way. In addition to these ‘things’, I have also owned a marketing company and designed garden products for stores across Canada.

What brings me the most joy these days is writing. I write daily and I am always working on one or two book projects, and have a few others brewing in my mind.

Art Teacher –Art and Creative instructor at Delta’s McKee Senior Center.

Board Member Positions: 

Founding Board Member (secretary) The Doug and Maureen Husband Legacy Society  A Delta BC Society has a mission to inspire and strengthen the community of Delta through arts, culture, and history.

Founding Board Member (vice-president) of The Harlow and Mary Ann Burrows Foundation with yearly donations to Take a Hike Foundation, The Delta Hospital and Delta Assist Community Programs.

Founder and President of Artists in the Village Non-Profit Society (2015-17) a local arts society that helped raise awareness of the importance of art and creativity in the community.

Published works:

Monthly Columnist for The Delta Optimist – Creativity Column “An Artful Life” (2017/2018)

Oh, Monkey ! Published in 2019 (author & illustrator)

GATOR ON MY BACK Published in 2020 (author & illustrator)

The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives (Contributing author) Edited by Dr. Eric Maisel,Routledge,New York 2020

Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients (Contributing author) Edited by Lynda Monk,Eric Maisel, Routledge New York 2021

Elephant Journal – I write on Elephant Journal about my love for the woods and other things in life.

Coming Soon…The Great Book of Journalling, (Contributing Author) Edited by Lynda Monk/Eric Maisel,(My chapter is called The Forest Journal)