The Corvus Corax, also known as the Raven has come into your world, assuring you of the impeding change. He brings with him the ability to bend time and space for the perfect moment at the right time. He signifies rebirth, renewal, reflection and healing. He helps the transitions and transformations move along smoothly by casting light into the darkness.

We all have a sacred relationship to the creative force within ourselves.  We all have thoughts and views and together with the primal source of the Conscious Universe and our personal life experiences,  we are able to bring these gift of creativity  through and present them as a small glimpse of our soul’s journey to the world.

Expressing one’s self takes practice but if we simply get out of our heads and feel with our hearts this will help us shine our light.  Here are a few of my blog thoughts on life, creativity and what truly matters to me.  Much Love, Mary Ann