Oh, Monkey! is about the Monkey mind.  A little girl grows tired of her monkey telling her what to do so she asks her to stop or tells her she can’t hang out with her anymore.  The monkey tries really hard and in the end they come to an agreement that works.  We all have a monkey  mind. You know the little voice that tells us we aren’t ‘enough’ of anything’.  This book introduces the concept to children.  Check it out here. OhMonkey

Gator On My Back

Gator on My Back came on the heels of Oh, Monkey. I had another story to tell. This one came from a personal experience.   I have helped loved ones and friends through depression and seen their struggles.  I saw depression as separate from them, a monster.  Depression comes about without warning, it steels people and throws them into a deep dark pit.  People struggle to get out.   Depression is never talked about, hushed up and is often the best kept secret.  I wanted to support and encourage people to talk about it and to reach out for help.  Talk therapy is the first step and a good therapist is critical as part of the healing and in helping someone through.  I created this book for everyone that has ever had an alligator on their back.  Its the story of a young boy that wakes up one day with a slimy alligator on his back.  The alligator begins to take control of his mind, change his thoughts and tell him he is no good, and will NEVER become anything.  The boy becomes sadder and sadder.  They set off on to find a better life, with some happiness.  The alligator of course comes with him.  Along the way he meets a friendly fox (which would be the therapist :) ) who encourages him to talk about his feelings.  He discovers that when he talks about his feelings his alligator becomes afraid and runs and hides inside a cave.  The boy begins to feel alive again once the gator is away from him and he realizes the hold he had over him.  When he returns, he sets some new rules in place and diffuses the alligator’s power.  This story shows that -Depression is not you.  You hold the power to diffuse depression, with the help and support of other people and learning to talk about your feelings.  Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Canadian Mental Health Association.  The book is available on Gator On My Back Site. 

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