Going Deep

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Your only hope of finding true depth within your creativity is in your willingness to be unafraid of going into the dark to take a look at your shadows and having the courage to ask them to come out to play.  The pulse of creativity beats within these discrete parts of yourself. Talk to them and meet the core of …

Be Beauty

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  Give yourself permission to feel and be beautiful in as many ways as you can.   When you slow down and allow things to flow, you can even feel beauty and harmony outside of what is supposed to be harmonious.  If you are brave enough you can even feel and see beauty inside of conflict and chaos and within …

Meeting your Needs

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Having faith in the benevolence of Life gives you the space and the peace needed to be able to feel curious and to relax just enough to be open to what it is that you really need, even if you aren’t exactly sure of what that is. Replace your fear of not knowing with wonder.


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The bridge that stands between the inner mind and the world and the bounties that cross back and forth on that bridge constitute creativity. Creativity is a living energy that has a cycle. It all begins with a spark that surfaces and seizes your creative soul. This first creative impulse is like a flash of light, a shower of sparks …

Henry David Thoreau

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If man does not keep peace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau

Searching for Light

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I sat this morning admiring my beautiful orchid as she stretched her new bright green growth and buds towards the light of the kitchen window.  It seemed so natural.  It is so much simpler to seek light and all that is beautiful, blissful, loving and kind over darkness. To hold this intention to grow in light with power, wisdom and …

Receiving Nourishment

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As a creative soul your mind is always working, even as we sleep. I personally have a pen and book at my bedside and often receive my best creative ideas through dreams at around 3 am.  I wake up and write them down.  My life is a constant outpouring of creative energy.  This often leaves me feeling depleted, dry, tired. …

Life’s Lessons

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If we travel through life aware and awake we will see that life is full of  lessons offering us an opportunity to learn, should we choose. Sometimes these lessons will be short, sharp and possibly even painful before they turn into the  profound wisdom that is to be gained from the experience. Other times these lessons will be more loving, …


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It’s  important to step back, stop over-thinking -and stop trying so hard and simply just have faith. Having faith in the creating process gives you the space to be curious about what is taking place and to relax enough to be open to what is most in need of even if we aren’t exactly sure of what it is or …