Life’s Lessons

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If we travel through life aware and awake we will see that life is full of  lessons offering us an opportunity to learn, should we choose. Sometimes these lessons will be short, sharp and possibly even painful before they turn into the  profound wisdom that is to be gained from the experience. Other times these lessons will be more loving, …


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It’s  important to step back, stop over-thinking -and stop trying so hard and simply just have faith. Having faith in the creating process gives you the space to be curious about what is taking place and to relax enough to be open to what is most in need of even if we aren’t exactly sure of what it is or …

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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HOW TO SILENCE A WOMAN: RETREIVING HER VOICE… –When someone says, “We’re saying the same thing.” Say, “We are not saying the same thing.” –When someone says, “Don’t question, just have faith.” Say, “I am questioning, vato, and I have supreme faith in what I think.” –When someone says, “Don’t defy my authority.” Say, “There is a higher authority that …

Allowing Room is the Key to Finding Your Purpose

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Let go of your desperate struggle to find your path. The process of discovering your true purpose or your unique authentic self  is a natural one.  It wants to come out and you don’t need to struggle so hard to find it . Rather put your effort into simply getting out of your own way instead of trying so damn …

Wild Storms

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There is, in life and in the creative process a need to allow for wild storms.  Before a storm there are those precious moments of peace, a build up, the chaos and conflict and then this beautiful release and revitalization that follows. The stormy part in the middle, although often full of chaos and conflict is essential.  Some feel that …

Let Yourself Live.

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Should we be afraid of doing what we feel that we were put on the earth to do? Why do artists always seem to feel fear and anxiety around creating? This fear can cause all sorts of different behaviour and often contributes to  artists being tagged with the reputation of being unstable and coming undone as they work on dealing …

The Circle of Zen

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  Its so important to understand the empty spot.  We are all nothing and we are all everything.  We are all everywhere and we are all nowhere.  The only true wisdom is knowing…you know nothing.


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karma [action], jñana [knowledge] and bhakti [devotion] are all essential. If the two wings of a bird are devotion and action, knowledge is its tail.