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This is where I  live.  Right here, inside the vibrancy  of the sky’s reflection in a puddle of  Westcoast rainwater surrounded by weathered  winter grass off the  beaten pathway.  -Mary Ann Burrows 2021-

Fleeting Stars

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If we live in a world where almost everything is ephemeral, then what matters? The answer is simple: now. This matters. This moment, now. matters. Being a good person and doing the right thing, small or large, matters now. Living your life with full integrity. matters. Living slowly not fast, so you have time to think creatively and make the …


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I am here forEVERYTHING.The carnivals.The masquerades.The rainy days.The blue parades.The Beef Bourgogne.The ocean waves.The scent of Hugo aftershave.The winter sun.The sands of gold.The lambs. The lions.The days of old.The thunderheads.The lightning rods.The sunny days. The firing squads.The births.The deaths.The falls. The cries.A lovely smilefrom someone’s eyes.The big bass drum.The violin.The times we lose. The times we win.The riverbank.The butterflies. when I hear a baby cry. The …

Broccoli Sprouts

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Want to grow something delicious and nutritious in your kitchen? Seriously, anyone can grow Broccoli Sprouts. It’s so easy. Broccoli sprouts are loaded with fiber and protein and contain very few calories. They also contain anywhere from 10 to 100 times as much glucoraphanin — the nutrient becomes sulforaphane — as the mature vegetable. Their biggest benefit is that they reduce INFLAMMATION. These tiny sprouts are bursting …

The Unveiling

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Lay  your sweet body at the horizon,  in the light below  the dark clouds.  Naked, nameless,  broken, bare, chest to the heavens,  arms stretched wide open.  Stripped  of titles,  accomplishments, failures. Lay against the world,  unafraid  of your emptiness,   released of who you think you are  and  who others believe you to be. Without  your things, beliefs, meaning, stories.  With …

Pure Joy

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“I write for myself,  and for the pleasure of  feeling pure joy. “ A part of me is alone, crying,  and feels separated in life  but if I don’t bring  thoughts that are  calling to me forward  from the tender space  where my heart stirs  from their release,  then I am not alive.  I write for myself,  and for the pleasure of  …

We Grow Food

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The Banner for the Community Banner contest – I won ! I’m so excited. Congrats to all of the winners. Thank you to the corporation of Delta.