Tattoo your Scars

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 We have all suffered loss, sickness, death of someone we love, the break up of a friendship, a lover, loss of a job, loss of integrity? We have all experienced pain. The pain of feeling left out, abandoned, not enough, being pushed out, talked about, blocked, lost, unloved. We have all been on both sides of the fence. These are …

Making Money with Your Art?

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I use square to process my transactions whenever possible. Its so easy. I can send invoices direct to clients they pay me from the comfort of their home using their credit card, the money gets deposited directly into my bank account. (Less a small processing fee) Whenever possible I use it. Its convenient for both me and my client. If …

The Face of Truth and Sacred Roots

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What sits the distance of one arms reach away, from you? Am arms reach away from me is Sara –  Sat Mukh Kaur, which means The Face of Truth. Her  Flower Garden is a pure Eden.  Sara is a healer, an herbalist , a flower grower, a yoga  instructor a farmer and meditation guru, a humanitarian, a seeker and one …

Consciousness and Myths

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Go within ourselves to discover what we are really made of. Unplug, let go, release, simplify and shed ourselves of  everything including our biggest dragon ..our own egos ❤.

Creative Spaces

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WElCOME to my workshop. This is my private, creative, and very sacred, special space. It took a long time to get here and I am so very grateful that I have this place in my life.  Having a sacred space in which you can feel free to create in is valuable but, trust me,  this wasn’t always the case. When …

Write Every Day

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There is something special that transpires through the consistency of writing, every day. Crappy or not, still write. Show up and put pen to paper and the rest will come. Just do it applies here. It doesn’t need to be a best-selling novel. It just needs to be done. It all matters. This keeps your brain in the game.

Be Bewildered

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Pay attention, notice people, Conversations, interactions, and words.  Be astonished and live in bewilderment. Tell people about it. Paint it draw it or say it.  Do what ever you can to stay out of your ego. Fall in Love with your creations. Focus on touching others through creativity that you express from your heart out into the world … and …

HIO – word of the day

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HIO (Latin) a way of being, hio means to stand open, with full openess on the bridge between your ego and your soul . Standing with an open heart, an open mind, an open gut and  all things alive and wide open and  not be swayed back into narrowness;  to stand  firm within this way of being. To have a …