Sacred Roots

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  I was so happy when Sara announced that  she would be sharing her wonderful space, her knowledge and gift of meditation. .

Addicted to Spirituality?

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My name is Mary Ann and I am an addict. I have discovered that Spirituality, like anything else, can become an addiction.  Somehow our culture has combined personal growth with spirituality into one and although connected somewhat,  they are certainly not the same thing. Personal growth is about growing, expanding, learning.  I consider spirituality to be a way of seeing …

I Set Myself Free

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  I am me. I stand alone in my own skin as an independent thinker. I claim my power. I am not defined by anyone, anything,  or by my past experiences. I am defined by who I am and what I choose in the here and now and moving forward. I set myself free,  holding onto my own power.   Free …