Sweet Nothingness

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There is an art to doing nothing. I do it every single day and I am getting really good at it. Every morning at 5 am.  I get up. I take my dogs outside and then the three of us retreat to my meditation room. I wake up happy just knowing that I have carved out  time  in my day …

Rattling Beliefs Mini Series Begins in 2 days

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I am so excited to have my studio up and running just in time to launch my Free mini-series Rattling Beliefs. I think we’re going to have a blast jumping in and playing with colours, and really open up our imaginations. The timing is absolutely perfect. Its time for all of our beliefs to be rattled. Everyone has old stories …

Popcorn Anyone?

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You are more than this body. We are all writing the story of our lives. I have learned lately that my life is like a play, on a stage unfolding just as it needs to right in front of us. Love all the actors in your play. The villain, the Goddess, the bully, the mean one, the silent one, the over …

Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror on the wall.. Do you spend a lot of time wondering who you are? Who are you? Who are you, really? At times, I think I am everything, and at the same time I think I am nothing. I am happiness, and stillness. I am sadness and I am craziness. I am the wild party girl and at …

An Art-Full Life

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Each month, Delta artist, writer and anthropologist Meg Neufeld and I co-write a column in our local newspaper, The Delta Optimist, called An Art-Full Life.  The column focuses on the benefits of living an art-full life through creativity.  100% of the funds that we receive for contributing are donated to the Alongside you bucket fund, helping aid in funding for …

FREE downloadable Creativity Guide

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Are you looking for a more CREATIVE LIFE ? The time to blossom is right now, not sometime in the future when your  stars are all aligned up for you.  Today is the day. Sign up for my free downloadable guide called “Spark Your Soul”  with tips on how to get started living more creatively TODAY .