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Oh, Evocative Water. Oh, evocative water. Still and sweet, Sour and salty, Rough and calm, never asking permission. Only flowing, back and forth. I say, be like water. Say what you say. See what you see. Feel what you feel. Hear what you hear. Release and unleash all of everything that’s inside of you, out into the world, nourishing whatever …

Writing Tip

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I gather words to use in my writing. I began a list in a book, that I like to call my ‘poem cupboard’. It is full of my favorite words I find along the way. When I am searching for a word to use in a poem -I open up my book and voila. Magic!!

Peace by M.A. Burrows

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I  met myself without my story, inside of my  beautiful mind. We  made peace, my mind, and I.   In here, I am clear. I am  free.  I am awake. I am only noticing. Simply flowing back and forth, with little effort, my brilliant imagination in perfect sync with the calm, silent melody of knowing. It is quiet, without war. …