Conscious Start Book Shelf

Conscious Start Book Shelf

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I have been buying a lot of books lately for my brand new granddaughter, Frankie and I felt inspired to create a GRANDMA approved list for anyone else that is wanting to build a meaningful home library for their little ones with books that will show them the world, other families, different traditions, and beliefs, showing the next generation that we live in a diverse society.

I want my grandchildren to be read books and to then read books that teach them about empathy, compassion, understanding, and love. I also want them to see themselves represented in books that show women as strong and capable and smart and men as soft, loving and kind.

I take a lot of time reading and researching the books in my library and on this list I will add the best of the best of the best books that I find for your reference. I encourage you to buy them directly from the author’s when you can, or at your favourite local bookstore first, then of course on-line.

  1. My Shadow is Pink – written and illustrated by Scott Stuart – is a book about a boy who has a pink shadow This book is a beautifully written rhyming story that touches on the subjects of gender identity, self-acceptance, equality, and diversity. Inspired by the author’s own little boy, the main character likes princesses, fairies, and things “not for boys.”

2. A Door Made For Me – by Tyler Merritt Illustrated by Lonnie Olivierre

This emotional and honest picture book explores a racist encounter from the perspective of a young Black boy, while offering a message of unconditional love and acceptance to soothe the pain of blind prejudice. This is a story based on the childhood experience of author Tyler Merritt. His Grandpa offers him wisdom and encouragement reminding him that another person’s hate does not change the fact that he is loved and that he matters This book is beautiful and offers up a message of love and acceptance.

Tyler Merritts new Children's book A Door Made For me.  Illustrated by Lonnie Olivierre
Tyler Merritt

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