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Kleenex box




Pictures from magazines

Your beautiful imagination.


Before you begin. Sit and think about how you are feeling right now. As you think about your feelings, thumb through images in an old magazine or online that you can print out – Print or cut out images that you are drawn to.

Write down on a separate piece of paper words to describe how you are feeling. Cut out words that you find in magazines too. There is no right or wrong way to feel. There is no right or wrong way to create your 3D Art box. This is all yours. All feelings are valuable and important, all art you create is valuable and important.

Disassemble the old Kleenex box and lay it flat.

Use your paint on the exterior of the box to express what is happening in the world around you. What colour is COVID-19? What does it look like? What images or symbols come to your mind when you think about what is happening around you. What does Covid 19 feel like? Draw what you feel about this virus and what is happening in the world on the side that is outside of the box.

Let the paint dry completely. (Use a hair dryer to speed things up)

Flip the flat box over and use your paints, crayons or markers to also express what you feel like on the inside. What does the inside of your world look and feels like right now? What colour is the inside of your life right now? How is your heart feeling? What would colours come to your mind that represent freedom, patience, resilience, fear, anxiety? Or maybe respite, gratitude, security, or helplessness? Take a few moments to look at these feelings. Using your intuition, grab the paint colours that call to you and paint the side of the box that represents the interior of your world and this project and then allow it to dry.

Using the images and the words that you cut out from your magazines arrange them then glue them onto your inner surface – remember to note which is the backside and up side of your box.

Write out the feelings that you are experiencing all over the inside of your box. There is nothing to hold back here, this is your world, your art project and these are your feelings.

Once you feel that it is done. It is done. Trust that feeling too.

Let your project dry (overnight is best) and then it is to reassemble and build your world.

Use glue to adhere the flaps that once held your kleenex box together. You may use tape to secure over the top, paint over the tape, if you feel that it is necessary.

Go back and touch up any areas that you feel need to be touched up. Add little images as you find them along the way.

You have created a beautiful, meaningful, historical 3-D art project that will have also shifted your energy. This will be something that you can look back on one day as it is part of the story of your life.

Please send me your photos if you would like to share them.
Happy Creating :) :)

Watch this video that explains the process:


A message from Mary Ann https://youtu.be/nkQAVM6_crQ

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