What is Creativity ?

Our creativity is natural 

We are all natural creators.

Our willingness to try and to share creativity diminishes as we age as it is stripped away

Creativity is the natural expression of the muse of whatever wants to come out of us.

You do not need to be an artist to be creative. Creativity can be felt and expressed through cooking, gardening, through a painting that no-one ever sees, we all have a creative spirit when you are in relationship with your creativity you are in a relationship with the universe and  co-creation with life and everything is just easier if you can only see yourself as a creative.

WE can all create our own version of life on earth and make where we are the most beautiful place it can be.

My mission is to help people remember that they are creative. They were born to create in whatever form that takes.

When we share our stories and our struggles and the overcoming, we give others an opportunity to see themselves and to see that we all go through, so much, whether this is through art, painting, drawing, singing, sculpting, writing, photography, gardening, or creating relationships with one another.

Share what is in your heart, not what is perfectly refined. This is the truth that the world needs to hear and see. Even if you are afraid,

Just do it, anyway. 

Mary Ann Burrows