Creativity Cards by Julia Cameron

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Everyone has heard of The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron – These are wonderful cards that can help you ignite your inner spark.  Each card features a quotation from her book, The Artist’s Way. A great way to get inspired in a second and the perfect gift for anyone that wants to lead a more creative life.   Check out Julia’s Site here . 

To summarize her book The Artist’s Way – It outlines a 12-week course to help you spark the light of your inner artist again, even if you haven’t created much art since doodling stick figures in second grade.

Here are my 3 favorite lessons to help you find back to the artist’s way:

  1. Write Morning Pages to freely let your creativity flow.
  2. If you feel stuck, ask other people for prompts.
  3. Think of yourself as a gardener, who takes care of ideas.


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