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If I wasn’t in love with creativity, I wouldn’t be here posting this out into cyberspace right now.
Why ? Creativity is about risk. About leaping into things we can’t see. It is about finding the courage to seek beyond the ordinary, the regular and the usual. It teaches us to look for the magic in everything and in nothing, and to trust and have faith, even when it’s not easy.
It shows us that by tapping into this ‘thing’ that I like to call the creative consciousness (which I believe is alive and available to everyone), even when we’re tired and weary, that we can make a HUGE difference in the world and in the lives of others. It teaches us to see light and darkness and that we are all good enough just by showing up and trying.
Creativity is our expression of our feelings, of life and our  journey, whether it be through art, thinking, business, writing, cooking, gardening, or singing.   Creativity is about tapping into who we really are and expressing it.
Creativity teaches us to live like a child again, where we feel pure pleasure in experiencing the ‘doing’ of something we love, just for the joy and not tied to any outcome.  This increases our contentment, self-confidence and general sense of being in harmony with the world. (If we allow it…)
Living creatively and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same is a deep passion of mine. It completely fills me up in every single way.
I’m so grateful for you. For that thing inside of you that won’t let go, the part of you that keeps reaching, keeps wanting to try again.  I am you. You are me.  We are all here to be broken, to heal and repeat.

I exist to live in a place where I am able to sit in full openness, with one foot between the creative realm and the other on the earth.  To bring my creativeness into every decision, reaction and response to whatever is present. It is in this space between the chaos and the order that sits the essential source of creativity, where new thinking and inspiration is born.  

From here anything is possible. XO

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