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Walking with Wonder – a 365 DAY Synchronicity Journal by artist and creativity/life  coach Mary Ann Burrows available now (click here)  Amazon.com

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Walking with Wonder

The world is FULL of Magic.
There are so many tools available to help us build a bridge between ourselves and the universe; Crystals, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, to name a few.
Methods of Divination range from prophesy to sage burning, reading tea leaves and fortune cookies, to burning laurel wreaths or randomly opening up a dictionary and placing your finger on a word.  All methods are an attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an standardized process or ritual; a bridge.
This journal was designed by artist, certified oracle guide, life and creativity coach, Mary Ann Burrows (me) as a private creative space just for you.  To help you create your own personal journey log. A place to collect all of your daily experiences  and a-ha’s about life, on your path to enlightenment.  There are 160 pages of writing spaces that include story telling, illustrations, daily, monthly and a yearly layouts, , creative spaces and more that will all help you see that each of the intuitive experiences and signs that we encounter are connected to the next. Once mapped out in your personal synchronicity journal you’ll be able to connect the dots and see clearly that everything that come your way is a gift.  Things happen for you, not to you, all leading you towards YOUR SOUL living a life of meaning and purpose.
The Journal is a 365 Day record book, one that you will want to keep in your treasure chest and look back at as the years go by.
This book also has beautiful quotes and writing prompts to  help you meet parts of yourself that you haven’t even discovered yet !




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