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I am here for
The carnivals.
The masquerades.
The rainy days.
The blue parades.
The Beef Bourgogne.
The ocean waves.
The scent of Hugo aftershave.
The winter sun.
The sands of gold.
The lambs. 
The lions.
The days of old.
The thunderheads.
The lightning rods.
The sunny days. 
The firing squads.
The births.
The deaths.
The falls. 
The cries.
A lovely smile
from someone’s eyes.
The big bass drum.
The violin.
The times we lose. 
The times we win.
The riverbank.
The butterflies.
 when I hear a baby cry. 
The days you’re well.
The days you’re not.
The times you loved. 
and when  you fought.
The news that hurt.
The hug that healed.
The banana split.
The wagon-wheel.
The dreams you had
that all came true,
and those that didn’t,
I loved them too. 
The Fall the Summer
the Winter, Spring.
I am here for EVERYTHING..

-the dog-

(M.A.Burrows 2020.

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