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All creative humans need a helping hand.    I have had a number of mentors in my life that I have adored over the years and they have been especially helpful during times when I struggled with finding the ME in my art.  I have also been a mentor to hundreds of students encouraging and inspiring them as people and also their creativity while I served as a master mentor for a school, where students dove into their lives in search of their unique authentic self.  Finding your unique, authentic creative self is a journey that all artists go through and there are many stop signs and roadblocks along the way that one has to forge on through before finally ending up in a place where one feels they have found their groove, so to speak.   You can always tell when an artist is creating from that place of realness because the work oozes love.  A way to help is to find yourself a really good mentor.  An inspiring person,  that you admire One that is creative, encouraging and supportive. Find someone that is fun, happy and flexible.  A good match would be a person that has the flow and energy that you find works well with you.  It is especially important to find a mentor that has the same values that you do. Be  aware of who you work with, don’t just pick anyone and don’t follow blindly.  Make sure that you interview a number of people so that you can really see who you are working with and get a feel for how what they have to say applies to your life and art practice and especially that it is in tune with your way of thinking.  Find a mentor who  has done some inner  work on themselves. One that was once fearful and is now fearless is a good start.   A good match would be one that you feel really lines up with your values and has a good understanding your dreams and of what  YOU want to become. Most important thing to remember is that Your Mentor’s job is to serve you, in a way that helps you feel loved, encouraged and inspired, and not the other way around. If you are interested in finding out more about working with me, as your mentor in a way that will help you in opening up your world and your life I would love to chat with you further.  please contact me


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