Flower Pressing

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Bringing nature inside is a true delight, and pressing fresh flowers is just one of the ways I do it. I love using these delicate treasures on handmade cards and notes, slipping them inside books that I give as gifts, or donate to our community mini book library. The possibilities with dried flowers are endless!
Oh, and let’s not forget these adorable gold frames I found. They are make a perfect gift!

I bought the tie press on eBay for under $50.00 from Paris France – it’s an antique. A real find. Keep checking eBay for antique tie presses I am sure you’ll find one. If not – use a stack of books, truly anything heavy works.

If you’re interested in where I discovered these sweet frames on AMAZON – here’s the link

Join me on this journey of capturing the beauty of nature and transforming it into mesmerizing art. Stay tuned for more magical flower transformations, as I express my creativity through delicate blooms. Follow me on Instagram – HERE or sign up for my occasional newsletter HERE (scroll to bottom)

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