Forest Writing Exercise

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Finding Your Stillness 

Before we write in our forest journal, we need to be still. 

What is stillness and why is it so important to find it before we write in our journal? 

Our stillness guides us into nothingness and brings us closer to our hearts. This is the place where our soul speaks to us. When we are still, we hear. The forest is the perfect for this to happen. 

It is a beautiful, freeing moment when we finally discover our place of nothingness, the ultimate space from which to write from. 

Trees not only heighten our senses, they also ground us simultaneously.  They give us a fresh new perspective and allow us to release, relax and let go.  

Find a place in the forest where you feel safe enough to let your guard down. Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Try This: Wake Up Your Senses 

Waking Up your Senses is a way to help you open up and increase your field of sensitivity and guide to your stillness. 


  1. Find a quiet spot in the forest.
  2. Sit or lay down on the earth.
  3. Close your eyes. 
  4. Breathe. 
  5. Drop everything.(old stories, expectations and assumptions)
  6. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 
  7. Become a part of the forest.
  8. Hear the voices of the trees with your heart.
  9. Feeling discomfort? Sit with it, allow it, observe it. 
  10. Even if you feel nothing, it is something. 

The Exercise: 

Touch. Bring your awareness to the gravity of your body.  Feel your bones against the earth. Open up the sensation of your skin. Observe. 

Taste. Bring your awareness to the taste in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and feel the forest air.  Breathe here. What do you taste? 

Sight. Bring your awareness to your eyes. What comes to your mind through closed eyes?  What images are you seeing, when you can’t see? Allow what appears to appear. Breathe. 

Smell. Bring your awareness to your sense of smell. Breathe in the smells of the forest. Name the smells. What do you notice  in your body?  What images do these smells bring to your mind? What memories? 

Sound. Bring your awareness to your hearing. What sounds do you hear? Listen with your right ear. Listen with your left ear. How is your body reacting? 

Now that all of your senses are awake, slowly open your eyes and write in your forest journal.


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