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I have been hanging in the space of a few pretty amazing women on social media since the pandemic hit.

One is a chef from New York and the other is a writer from the UK. 

I stumbled upon them by accident and soon found myself checking in regularly to their IG lives, (my favourite place to classroom on Instagram) while enjoying my morning coffee. These two women are seriously committed to BLM and have a no-bullshit attitude. They are willing to take the time to actually share their personal stories and knowledge. This my friend, has been the greatest gift.  They know what they are talking about.

In addition to this arena they are both highly creative individuals with many other unique gifts to share. 

Easy Good Food

For example, Sophia is a chef, a wellness advocate, and food & feelings enthusiast. 

Man can she can cook!   She creates some of the most delicious dishes out of things that I would have never thought of, for instance, roasted cannellini beans. Sophia is dedicated to supporting the people in her NY neighbourhood in the beautiful diverse city.  She shares live feeds about her neighbourhood walks to the market. 

She is interesting, funny and passionate. I like watching her cook, she inspires me to do the same. Sophia puts all her heart and soul into cooking a great dinner and inspires me to become a better cook and to find more joy in creating dishes for the people I love.

Learning To Buy Better with Aja

Aja Barber tells it like it is. She is full of passion and fire.

Like me, she loves fashion. Except unlike me, she is an expert in the area of sustainable fashion. For instance, she talks a lot about people needing to stop buying clothes from companies that don’t support paying their employees fair wages.  WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THIS. 

Joining her on Patreon has been so eye-opening for me.  Most importantly, I have learned to check the labels before I buy, or to not buy at all.  She talks about capitalism and the fast fashion industry.  As a result, I am on a huge closet purge out and in addition having a clean closet now and more room, I have discovered how to blend old fashion with new and create brand new outfits from what I already had.  Using what I already have is part of the sustainability program, but consciously purchasing from now on is the key.

I am learning to stop, read and research before I buy.

Why? Now? Firstly, I have always felt that it matters where clothes are made, and what they are made from, and the ethics and integrity behind the companies that we buy from. Secondly, because of the pandemic I am finally sitting still enough to be able to see myself and my life. The pandemic has forced me to look at things, my life, my habits, my associates and step up to take responsibility in the world in a way that I feel aligns with my integrity and feels right to me.

The number one reason that I am excited learning more about sustainable fashion is that I feel that I have finally found someone that actually knows what they are talking about, and now I have time to stop, listen, learn and take action.  (and trust me, I have discovered I have so much to learn about how to buy better)

In addition, Aja talks about the importance of supporting local, buying local, and paying the prices to support the artists that make them. In other words, don’t buy fast fashion.  Ive heard that before so this isn’t anything new but Aja goes a layer deeper and explains the reasons why, who does what and what poor buying does to the fashion industry and the world in general.  She is a wonderful writer first off, which drew me in and this was actually my first time sponsoring anyone on Patreon. She doesn’t disappoint. The content is constant. I enjoy her company, she always tells interesting stories.

On Patreon, Aja shares a lifetime of research, her own list that she has compiled over the years.  She names and links the best sustainable brands to buy from.  She often discusses why each company is good and her take on what’s really happening in the world of fashion. Her work has really opened my eyes. I love it and did I mention she has her own incredible style?  This info can only be found on her Patron account. 

As you can see, Aja Barber is an all -round expert in the sustainable fashion industry. As a Patreon sponsor you will receive her weekly newsletters, content and a podcast. She does the podcast with Lucy Lucraft, a journalist, podcaster and blogger from the UK . (another talented woman) Together they share their ‘moans’ about people, life, periods, industry – you name it. The two of them have a unique chemistry and every time I see the Friday email pop into my inbox that their podcast is available, I get excited knowing that I will laugh and learn as I spend time in their company. 

I cannot say enough good things about these women. 

In conclusion, there are so many reasons to follow these two women, I can’t list them all. 

Above all, they brighten my day and shift my perspective at the same time. 

thanks ladies xo

Here are Instagram Links and websites:

Sophia Roe

nyc | chef | food & feelings lady | always puts it in writing | trauma-informed | welfare advocate | WEBSITE

INSTAGRAM – Sophia Roe

WEBSITE – Sophia Roe

AJA Barber

Creating Writing About Sustainable Fashion and Helping You Buy Better



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