Know someone that Needs a Little Love?

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Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s someone you know.

I created the Love Card Project as a way to Help spread love and encourage creativity.

It’s also a project that continues to help me to grow as a poet and artist, to give back and stay positive. Knowing that my cards are going to someone that needs a little pick me up, feels GOOD. It helps me in more ways than I can tell you. I absolutely love creating this one beautiful card a month and sending it to someone that I don’t even know. It’s such a magical feeling.

After receiving my card many people write to tell me how this little card seem to come at just the right time with the perfect message that they needed to hear.

This is how it works…

SIGN UP for free. From anywhere in the entire world.

Once a month I pick a name from the group.
I create and mail them by the old fashioned postal service a hand-made poetry card . I pay the postage .

NOTE: You only need to sign up once and your name will be included in the project for every monthly draw.

Each Card is beautifully designed and hand-crafted.

Each card is made of recycled material using specialty papers, tags, and/or vintage piano paper. They are unique, one of a kind, hand-made with care, attention, and detail.

Each card includes:

  1. A recycled folded card, designed and created by Mary Ann Burrows with vintage papers, collage, and recycled materials.
  2. An inside pocket with a surprise, a special note or a quote. ( its a surprise)
  3. A short poem or words of encouragement written by poet, Mary Ann Burrows.

(Valued at $25. 00 per card)

To join the Love Card Project send me

  1. Your Email
  2. Your Name
  3. add a postal address into the message box.
  4. (this can be yours or this can be someone else That you feel needs a little love)
  5. If sending to someone else please include their name above the address in the message box.
  6. If your name has been chosen you will receive notification by email before the card goes out.
  7. Thats it there’s no catch there’s no hidden cost. Absolutely free.
    I look forward to hopefully picking your name and sending you a beautiful card and poem

EMAIL Mary Ann Here


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