How to Grow Creativity

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We can’t grow flowers in the dead of winter. The same goes for our creativity.

We need to create an environment inside of our minds that is lush, fertile and nourished so that new pathways can form and our brilliant new ideas have a place to grow roots and flourish.

But first we need to empty out the gunk.

HOW TO CLEAR THE GUNK (in less than an hour)

Create a daily conscious ritual that includes:

Step 1Quiet time. This can include meditation, walking, observation. Anything that involves unthinking, undoing, and unplugging.. (minimum 10 minutes)

Step 2Journaling. A place to empty your thoughts. Journaling is the best way to empty old thoughts. Our minds are a muscle, and the more we use it the more we need to empty it. The more we write the better we become at creating. Out with the old ideas so we can make room for the new ! Even on the days that all we write is,’ I have nothing to write.’ Just write – (minimum of 15 minutes) Your mantra is “empty, to be filled.

Step 3 Connection with Nature. We have emptied out our old thoughts and sat in stillness in preparation for our third step – surrounding ourselves with nature, There is something sacred about nature. Surrounded by it, our minds are able to open and absorb better. Nature fuels new creativity. Creativity lives next to our heart. In order to truly get in touch with our thoughts, we need to get outside. Nature calms and helps open the portal to the creative mind. We need to walk, hike, play, or lay down on the earth. Mother earth is our greatest teacher and knowing Her encourages our creative minds to grow. Ask any highly creative person if they have a good relationship with nature and you will discover that the answer is yes. So, find a forest, an ocean, or a park. If you can’t leave your property, find a backyard a front yard or even a patch of grass. If you can’t get outdoors buy a plant. Do whatever you can to get next to something alive and green and sit in its energy. (minimum 15 minutes)

  • Unplug your earphones, do not listen to any music.
  • Lie down, sit down or stand.
  • Whatever you do, you must turn your phone off.
  • Listen, look around, and immerse yourself into the moment.
  • Breathe in the smells.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Settle in.
    Be. -just be in the moment right where you are.
    Not in your thoughts.
  • This is where you will hear your soul’s voice and what you need to say to the world.

Now that you are comfortable, sitting outside surrounded by nature or in the presence of a plant you should begin to feel your creativity beginning to spark. If you want to take things up a notch try the following exercise to really Wake Up your Senses. This exercise will help open and stimulate your creative mind through your senses, bringing you new energy and awareness which will help set your creativity on fire.

Wake Up Your Sense Exercise: (10 minutes)

Waking up your senses is a wonderful way to help you open up and increase your field of sensitivity and guide you to your stillness while surrounded by nature.


1. Find a quiet spot in the forest, in the backyard or somewhere surrounded by nature. Read through the exercise first then follow the steps.

2. Sit or lay down on the earth. 

3. Close your eyes. 

4. Breathe. 

5. Drop everything (old stories, expectations and assumptions).

6. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 

7. Become a part of the forest.

8. Hear the voices of the trees with your heart.

9. Feeling discomfort? Sit with it, allow it, observe it. 

10. Even if you feel nothing, it is something. 

Now…the 5 Senses exercise

Touch. Bring your awareness to the gravity of your body.  Feel your bones against the earth. Open up the sensation of your skin. Observe. 

Taste. Bring your awareness to the taste in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and feel the forest air.  Breathe here. What do you taste? 

Sight. Bring your awareness to your eyes. What comes to your mind through closed eyes?  What images are you seeing, when you can’t see? Allow what appears to appear. Breathe. 

Smell. Bring your awareness to your sense of smell. Breathe in the smells of the forest. Name the smells. What do you notice in your body?  What images do these smells bring to your mind? What memories? 

Sound. Bring your awareness to your hearing. What sounds do you hear? Listen with your right ear. Listen with your left ear. How is your body reacting? 

Now that all of your senses are awake, slowly open your eyes.

Write down all of the fresh, new creative thoughts that are beginning to grow in your beautiful mind.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. What did you hear? What feelings did you experience from the sounds of the world around you?
  2. What did you taste? Smell?
  3. How do you feel ?

These exercises and daily rituals are sure fast ways to help your creativity flourish. Practice them as much as possible and you will see that your creativity will change dramatically. I would love to meet you on Instagram. Or Pinterest. I hope to see you there.

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