I am grateful for

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After I wrote this today, it became a beautiful reminder of my place in the universe.

A nice way to explore my personal mythology.

 I think I’ll print this out and read it to myself every morning. 

I’m grateful for 
my dogs, 
my family, 
my friends,
my community, 
my country ????????.  
the world, 
the ocean, the forests,
plants, the soil, 
every season, every type of weather 
the moon & the sun 
the stars.

I am grateful for 
all of my senses, 
my ability to feel, 
my mind, 
my curiosity 
this body, 
every organ, 
every limb, 
my eyes-that see,
my ears-that listen, 
my voice-that speaks,
my hands-that write,
my long silver hair, 
my feet that have held me up,  
my legs that take me places,
my scars- 
the one on my left leg below my knee 
from the time I was hit by a car on my bicycle,
the two on my belly from the birth of two of my children. 
my physical strength,  
my ever-expanding heart,
my thirst for new knowlege. 

I am grateful for the ability to see beyond, 
be in awe and wonderment 
find clarity, feel the magic.

I am grateful for 
the freedom to sit in stillness,
my relationship with life, and nature (especially the forest)
my ability to accept what is, 
to make and remake meaning, 
feel compassion, 
that I continue to create 
from an endless well. 
I am grateful for my ability to see common links, 
to become a mirror, 
an outlet, 
bring depths to the surface, 
light into shadows, 
that I can allow things to be hard, 
do worthy work, with grace.

I’m grateful for my enthusiasm,
my mistakes, my lessons, my missteps 
that I honour life in all forms,
notice and nurture small things, 
am able to connect 
with the creative consciousness, 
that I am a natural creatrix that 
can recognize the universal signs, 
feel pleasure and joy, 
that I get to redefine beauty again and again, 
transform thoughts 
into the language of the earth, 
into art, 
into new ideas, 
into poetry, 
into conversations, 
and relationships.
Have a talent for alchemizing my pain 
through art like,
poetry and painting, music and movement,
that I am artful with my healing,
and respect my need for self-care.

I’m grateful that I can let loose 
and have fun, feel purposeful, 
remain willing, 
rejoice openly, 
feel compassion, 
let go of things that don’t work, 
ugly cry if I need to, 
find patience when it’s needed, 
am able  to forgive, to move on. 

I’m grateful that 
I can howl at the moon if it’s called for, 
be as gentle and as fierce, as necessary, 

The Freedom I have to create, 
to reimagine the best way to be, 
to share my work openly, 
to wear what I want, 
say what I feel, 
be who I am. 

I am grateful that 
I feel safe 
I feel protected 
I feel full,
I am clothed 
I am dry. 
I am cared for, 
which enables me 
to give more, 
to share, 
to help others, 
to change perspectives, 
bring hope, 
bring healing, 
and love limitlessly. 

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  1. Post
  2. Thank you for that. Very insperational, reminded me of all the true blessing I 2 have ever day, no matter what else is going on, or happening 2 me and or around me. Blessings and love 2 you..

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