How to Break a Heart

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The patient is given a general anesthesia. 
“Thank you for coming in today. 
Using a saw, the surgeon makes an 8- to 10-inch cut in the chest, 
We are extremely sorry to have to tell you. 
spreads the rib cage apart, reaches in and grabs the beating heart, 
that our intensive care team of pediatricians held a meeting 
while a heart-lung machine takes over the pumping action, 
concluding that unfortunately, there is no hope left 
moving blood away from the heart. 
for your son, Cody’s recovery.  
The surgeon then uses a healthy vein or artery 
Based on this finding, we would like to ask 
to make a new pathway around the blockage, 
that you consider removing, 
places the heart back into the chest 
life support,
closes the breastbone with a wire,
 allowing him to die.”
and sews the incision shut.
Post Op Incision Care: 
“Is there anything that we can do for you?
1.	Keep the cut dry. 
Do you need to talk to anyone? 
2.	Wash your hands before touching. 
Do you need a minute? 
3.	Check that your incision is healing properly and there is no drainage. 
Are you okay? 
4.    Your incisions may itch or feel sore, tight, or numb for a few weeks.
We are very sorry for your loss.”
4.	Ensure that there is no oozing from the opening.
5.	Call the doctor if you develop a fever, or infection along your incision. 
“Please sign here.”  ________________________.

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