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Should we be afraid of doing what we feel that we were put on the earth to do? Why do artists always seem to feel fear and anxiety around creating? This fear can cause all sorts of different behaviour and often contributes to  artists being tagged with the reputation of being unstable and coming undone as they work on dealing with it. On a higher level, why is creativity so often linked to this push and pull and suffering? I think that we need to all encourage and support creatives in the world.  We all need to learn to protect creativeness and the answer is possibly to go back to the thinking of ancient times where it was thought that all creativity was mystic, where there was an understanding and acceptance between the relationship of creativity and Source.  Years ago before the Renaissance period it was believed that Creativity came from Source but then the artist was forced into the light and the forefront, then the ego and money came into play and this thinking all switched. I think that maybe this puts too much pressure on artist to be the one totally responsible for this work. As creatives we have all brushed up against that ‘thing’ which is paranormal during creating where at some point during the creative process, we get into the zone and just know that what we are creating is more then us.  Maybe we need to say it out loud, put it on the table and release that genie out of the bottle and just consider the possibility that creativity really is a  partnership with Source.  This shift in perspective may help artists that struggle with blockages and fear. It may just allow them to be unafraid and continue to just show up and do what they were called to do. It may just help them to become more determined,  stubborn and at the same time full of love and gratitude and to just show up.   It may help them to relax, let go of the death grip on perfectionism and let themselves and their ideas live. Love is abundant, creative and inspiring and it moves us more then fear, if as artists, we simply let go, and showed up as a conduit,  rolled up our sleeves and got  to work with the knowing  that what we were doing was more then us, and  in co-partnership with something more we may be able to jump over that fear and just get the work done.

Michalangelo knew of this when he said . ” I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

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