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If we travel through life aware and awake we will see that life is full of  lessons offering us an opportunity to learn, should we choose. Sometimes these lessons will be short, sharp and possibly even painful before they turn into the  profound wisdom that is to be gained from the experience. Other times these lessons will be more loving, supportive and harmonious.  This is neither better nor worse. Just different. They are all of equal value.

Part of the challenge, especially as highly creative souls as we trundle through these lessons is to stay present so that if  faced with friction from any painful experiences we can see it as it is and channel this into creative energy rather then feel lost in emotional turmoil.

To do this effectively we need to have a strong sense of self, stop over-thinking everything and learn to be flexible and know when to bend rather than break.  We need to trust our own intuition, knowing when we need to stay and when we need to go. I have learned thus far to always trust my own intuition of what is going to be a good heart inspired sacrifice for the greater good, and I have learned to know when I will need to stay true to my own voice, for the greater good. Only my own heart can guide me on these matters and others may not always agree with my instincts and vice versa; I have also learned that is also, ok and I have learned the art of and importance in letting sleeping dogs lie.

Truth be told, this part can be hard and for a highly sensitive person to not feel compelled to jump back into the mix of things just for the ‘principle’ of it or to stand up and prove oneself  as right sometimes drives you crazy.  Is this easy? Absolutely NOT.

What I have learned through my own mistakes is that within the realm of that type of chaos, the people that live within it, are usually dealing with their own ‘stuff’ and it has absolutely nothing to do with me.  I have learned how to look the other way, to stay in my own power, turn my back to the wind and walk away, from all of it.

Being silent, doesn’t mean that one is ignorant, or that one doesn’t  know or see everything. That is far from the truth. Perched up high on the vantage point of non-judgement, one is able to SEE all and make a conscious deliberate choice based on one’s integrity and values of how to react, what to do and how to treat others.  Will you choose to be vindictive?  A mean girl? A bully? Will you choose kindness?  Or will you choose to shift the energy, into your own creativity? From the observer one has the ability to also be able to look at a culture without being in it . From here you can choose.

Yes ! You Can Choose to Shift your Own Energy

 It is a conscious choice to put your energy into your own creative path and into what you perceive as the ‘goodness’ that you want to see in the world.  This subtle shift helps turns sadness and dislike into empathy and love for all. Remember that Love offers no opportunity for a fight or any sort of opposition. Those that throw daggers always need more love and empathy- so send a LOT of it their way.

This I know for sure – I do not know what lesson will be next. I only know that I feel that I am somehow part of a huge wave of loving consciousness and am meant to be exploring collaborative dreams, building and creating beauty,  and healing and helping relationships and conscious communities. If you are reading this post you too are most likely part of this too. We are One, after all.

Each lesson on my own path was only meant for me to emerge from as more of myself, more in connection with the world that wants my ideas, my presence, my energy and my light.  I have seen the value in always trusting  my own voice above any other. I wish the same for you xo

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  2. It’s very inspiring and beautiful and says lots of life lessons and explains about challenges in life too. And i love how you wrote from your expressing heart. Exited to learn more <3 <3 <3

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