Little Sacred Plant Practice

Little Sacred Plant Practice

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Little Sacred Plant Practice 

Use this exercise as a way to discover presence. 

If you can’t go out in nature, bring a plant into your house. 

If you give attention to a plant, it will thrive.

A plant is energy.

A plant heals.

Water it.

Feed it.

Talk to it. 

Become still in its presence 

and sense its aliveness.

A plant is surrounded by a field of stillness.

Each plant is like an individual of being.

A gateway to a connection to yourself. 

Connect to a plant, without labeling it

Don’t think about it what it is or is not. 

Simple be with it.

Look at it. 

Love it.

A plant is still.

Yet, it is vitally alive.

It is sacred,

rooted in being.

The more attention you give a plant

the more rooted in being, you become.

A plant helps you get out of the trap of your conceptualized mind, and helps you access the place where your creativity thrives. 

A plant releases you from a place where you can’t even sense your own aliveness.

A plant teaches you to be free of unnecessary conceptualization.

It is deeply peaceful. 

It needs you. 

Caring for a plant brings purpose and meaning to life. 

Humans are disconnected from nature because they are disconnected from their own nature.

When you pay attention to nature, even in the form of a plant, it awakens your connection to yourself and can help heal you on every level.  

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