Loving the Avatar You Chose

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Thoughts on Life, so far …

When we came to earth we all chose to be exactly who we are,  for the time being.

“We are all one, here on our own unique Devine path filled with all of its trials, tribulations and lessons.”

We all have the same opportunity to LOVE the Avatar that we chose for this journey.

Here for a purpose, all of us have equal value in the eyes of the creator regardless of the egos perception.

We are all here for the same experience of awakening to our own divinity,  to discover the opportunity to love ourselves, and others, without limits, just as we are, and to forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes that we make along the way.

We are here to learn to recognize our own self worth and to appreciate our value.

 I hope that when this experience on earth is over and we move on, all making that familiar journey home, as we have done countless times before, returning to our eternal nature, that we will all feel joy and peace knowing that we found love, and that we learned how to love ourselves, and others, without conditions, truly fully and completely, just as we were intended to do.

If by chance our paths have crossed for a moment on this earth, I send you this blessing.

Bless you and the essence of you, with all of your struggles, your challenges and  imperfections, for these are truly the beauty spots that I admire most about you. You have been placed in my path to either embrace my heart or turn my head and I honour you for that.

Bless the thoughts, actions and words we shared as all of these are gifts from the universe, meant to gently nudge each of us closer to the path leading towards our higher selves.

Bless the energy we exchanged and the experience. All of it . Yes, the love, smiles, and laughter, but also any pain, misunderstanding or differences that we may have had.

Bless too, the heartache we may have shared.

“Heartache is what changes us, moves us, shapes us-if we are willing to dive deep down inside of it and go right through it.” 

You know the type of heartache that I mean,  the type that brings us to our knees. When you  think life is meaningless and you have nothing left. It’s this type of heartache that, if embraced, becomes the fire that get us back up. It is hot enough to shift our perception, and helps us grow  into stronger  humans.  It is often through this kind of heartache that we really get to see who we are, showing ourselves and each other who and what we are made of . This happens if we have the ability to feel. Feel compassion, for ourselves and others and allow the room and some freedom for ourselves to experience and FEEL all of it, fully, without condemnation or judgement we can emerge, and help each other through.

It’s through this heartache that we get a little glimpse at our true soul, our inner light and are able to open and hopefully grow towards the direction of our highest good.  

Lessons I learned in 2018

  • My greatest teacher is myself.
  • Trust my gut, my own intuition, the first time
  • I am everything that I have been searching for.
  • There are three types of business – what is mine, what is yours and what belongs to the Universe.  Trust that the Universe will take care of the business that it needs to, others theirs  and that I will take care of mine. 

It has taken work, many tears, deep heartache, forgiveness of others and myself and a desire to love myself unconditionally to get here; it has been worth every second of it.

I write this from a place that I have become and a place that I am still becoming.

I am always evolving, always growing always changing and this is the place that I live.

This comes with all my love.

Happy New Year my fellow Avatars

MaryAnn Burrows

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