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What sits the distance of one arms reach away, from you?

Am arms reach away from me is Sara –  Sat Mukh Kaur, which means The Face of Truth.

Her  Flower Garden is a pure Eden.  Sara is a healer, an herbalist , a flower grower, a yoga  instructor a farmer and meditation guru, a humanitarian, a seeker and one supreme human that I have been blessed to have been in the presence of on several occasions.

I have had many healing sessions with her over the years and have written about her here on my blog in the past.

She is such a beautiful soul and I  feel so grateful to have known her over the past few years and have learned so much from her along the way.  She inspires me artistically, humanly and soulfully on so many levels.

I paid her a visit today and she gave me this most beautiful flower arrangement.

. (Did I mention that she gets up at 3:30 am every morning and meditates for 2 hours and has for years?)

Sara is in the midst of planning a wonderful weekend retreat of deep healing and meditation for the spring of 2019, on an island on the West Coast …I can hardly wait…I will post her updates here for this – stay tuned for more info.

We can’t get enough messages of love and hope in the world and we all need to surround ourselves with others that resonate the same messages of love and light that we also want to send out into the world.

 It all matters and we all matter and every little bit of light helps. <3

We need to stay in the light.

” Where there is Truth,  there is no fear.

There is only  Love & Love conqures ALL .”

Sacred Roots Flower Farm Link

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