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Boost your Creativity with Essential Oils

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I have been buying and using essential oils or years. I honestly feel that they lift up my mood, help me to relax and open up all my senses

This is especially true of the Oud oil that I purchase from Durga Interiors, this is seriously the best oil for increasing creativity.  I wear it  everyday.

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Here is a list of Other Essential Oils that I have purchased from doTERRA, known to boost your creativity

 1- Basil –Ocimum basilicum-

Basil Oil clears and uplifts the mind. Use this popular essential oil when you need mental strength and clarity.

Add a few drops to your diffuser to sharpen your focus, increase your mental alertness, and lessen those anxious feelings while creating.

2 – Clary sage –Salvia sclarea

Clary Sage Oil is the oil of clarity and vision.

This is the perfect essential oil to use when we just need to relax and believe that we can do this! This essential oil will inspire you to believe in yourself. Clary sage essential oil can inspire you to rely on your intuition more, expanding your creative horizons.

When you need to create a restful environment and reduce any feelings of anxiety or stress, adding a few drops of clary sage may help you achieve that state of mind.

3 – Eucalyptus  –Eucalyptus globulus-

The sharp scent of Eucalyptus will boost your creativity, enthusiasm, and mental acuity. Feeling sluggish? Add some eucalyptus to your essential oil diffuser.

4 – Tangerine –Citrus reticulata-

Tangerine  is the oil of creativity and happiness. Add a few drops of tangerine essential oil to your diffuser, leave dark moods behind and embrace joyful side of your creative work.

5 – Frankincense –Boswellia frereana-

Frankincense is your ally in moments of stress. It reduces anxiety, eases mental blockage, and opens the door for inspiration. The scent of frankincense calms and soothes your nervous system, and leads you to a calm state where you can be your best creative self.

6 – Jasmine  –Jasminum grandiflorum-

Jasmine is the oil of confidence and optimism.

Use jasmine in your diffuser when working on deadlines, big projects, or when you need an extra boost in your self-confidence. Don’t let anything stop your creativity.

7 – Grapefruit –Citrus paradisi-

Grapefruit will come to the rescue in times when you need energizing. A few drops of Grapefruit in your diffuser will uplift your working environment with its energizing aroma. It also calms frustration, enhances your mood and inspiration, and supports mental clarity.

I buy many of the oils above from my friend who sells doTERRA oils or Sage also a great company .


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