The Truth is…

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You don’t need to take another single class on how to become more creative. You simply need to get the heck out of the way.


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The bridge that stands between the inner mind and the world and the bounties that cross back and forth on that bridge constitute creativity. Creativity is a living energy that has a cycle. It all begins with a spark that surfaces and seizes your creative soul. This first creative impulse is like a flash of light, a shower of sparks …

Henry David Thoreau

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If man does not keep peace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau

An Art-Full Life

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Each month, Delta artist, writer and anthropologist Meg Neufeld and I co-write a column in our local newspaper, The Delta Optimist, called An Art-Full Life.  The column focuses on the benefits of living an art-full life through creativity.  100% of the funds that we receive for contributing are donated to the Alongside you bucket fund, helping aid in funding for …

Rattling Beliefs

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  FREE Mini-Series Wild Side On-Line Workshop Series Starting June 30th I am sorry but the spots for this  workshop have been filled. Please put  your name on the waiting list for the next offering. All creative souls, which include every human on earth,  live within a field of unlimited creativeness.  Maybe today is the day for you to decide …

Searching for Light

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I sat this morning admiring my beautiful orchid as she stretched her new bright green growth and buds towards the light of the kitchen window.  It seemed so natural.  It is so much simpler to seek light and all that is beautiful, blissful, loving and kind over darkness. To hold this intention to grow in light with power, wisdom and …

Receiving Nourishment

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As a creative soul your mind is always working, even as we sleep. I personally have a pen and book at my bedside and often receive my best creative ideas through dreams at around 3 am.  I wake up and write them down.  My life is a constant outpouring of creative energy.  This often leaves me feeling depleted, dry, tired. …

Subscribe to the Daily OM

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This site is amazing. If you aren’t already subscribed please do – you can take great courses and they are not expensive – with some being as low as $10.00. or pay what you can afford.  I have taken many courses on this site that have been well designed and useful – Dr. Eric Maisel is one author that I have …

Life’s Lessons

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If we travel through life aware and awake we will see that life is full of  lessons offering us an opportunity to learn, should we choose. Sometimes these lessons will be short, sharp and possibly even painful before they turn into the  profound wisdom that is to be gained from the experience. Other times these lessons will be more loving, …