Allowing Room is the Key to Finding Your Purpose

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Let go of your desperate struggle to find your path. The process of discovering your true purpose or your unique authentic self  is a natural one.  It wants to come out and you don’t need to struggle so hard to find it . Rather put your effort into simply getting out of your own way instead of trying so damn …

Wild Storms

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There is, in life and in the creative process a need to allow for wild storms.  Before a storm there are those precious moments of peace, a build up, the chaos and conflict and then this beautiful release and revitalization that follows. The stormy part in the middle, although often full of chaos and conflict is essential.  Some feel that …

Let Yourself Live.

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Should we be afraid of doing what we feel that we were put on the earth to do? Why do artists always seem to feel fear and anxiety around creating? This fear can cause all sorts of different behaviour and often contributes to  artists being tagged with the reputation of being unstable and coming undone as they work on dealing …

Music to Create With

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Music enhances creativity. My creativity process is full of rituals that help empty my mind and allow me to get in touch with my senses. One thing I do is surround my self with music. Music changes my world. It is different every time.  It takes me away to places that I am able to reach in silence. It opens …

Durga Interiors

Boost your Creativity with Essential Oils

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I have been buying and using essential oils or years. I honestly feel that they lift up my mood, help me to relax and open up all my senses This is especially true of the Oud oil that I purchase from Durga Interiors, this is seriously the best oil for increasing creativity.  I wear it  everyday. Visit Ray or shop …

Wise Old Owl

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A Wise old owl sat on an oak. The more she saw the less she spoke;The less she spoke the more she heard; why can’t more be like that wise old bird. -Author Unknown There is an art to being able to listen to what people don’t say.  

365 Gathered Truths

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I am in LOVE. What a great way to start your day. Wake Up, have your cappuccino, then pull one of the 365 gathered truths out of a vintage black box . You will see it manifest itself in some form or another throughout your day. Great prompting tool for creating too! This was One of Oprah’s favourite things this …