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Designed by artist, Mary Ann Burrows

The Covid 19-2020 pins have been gifted to hospital staff, community nurses, pharmacists, grocery store clerks and municipal government staff, and the Delta Police. Tag your social media post with #pins4heros and email us your photo to be featured in our #pins4heros gallery MAIL

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  2. I’m a community pharmacist and we have a small pharmacy & post office business. Thank you so much for providing these beautiful pins to our staff! Every day can be challenging so it’s really nice to know we are acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you for making our day! :) Stay safe!

  3. Hello,

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pins.
    Your are amazingJ


  4. Hi I work at Starbucks in Richmond. You gave our staff a hand-full of pins one day in the drive thru. These are so great! We wanted to say we appreciate them so much. Thank you. You made our day!

  5. Hello I am a home health nurse, I just want to say thanks million for covid-19 pin, stay safe and enjoy summer

  6. I am a Registered Nurse in Delta and I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous pins you gave us!
    Firstly they are beautifully designed you’re very talented! But also they give a sense of pride for the job we do with a subtle demonstration and message of this situation, helping to support us through a day or moment that may be challenging, we only have to look at it and say I’m ok , I’m valued and I can do this.
    Someday when I am a very old lady I can look back and this will be a memento of this historic time.
    Again thank you for you very thoughtful way of supporting and honouring our profession!
    Be safe and take care!

    C.M (R.N. BScN)

  7. Im a bus driver and my wife gave me a pin. I wear it to work every day. People always see it and comment. “Thank you.” to me when they see it. I have had dozens of requests for pins. I directed them to your site. ($6.00 each to Delta Hospital COVID-19 Fund is also supporting a great cause) Thank you so much!! Worn with PRIDE on the bus!

  8. “There are 30 of us in home health that have been providing frontline care and a team leader that works tirelessly and our clerk who we couldn’t provide care without and never misses a day. Thank you so much for the pins! It will be so greatly appreciated by everyone. We don’t do our job for recognition ever and all love what we do but a token such as your pins will be so appreciated. My team will be so pleased and grateful. It is very strange times to be a nurse however we know we are making a difference for patients and families by supporting them at home and hopefully keeping everyone safe.”

    Much thanks”
    Cathy Kirk -Home Health Nurse.

  9. I work at Delta Hospital and wanted to let you know that I will saving this as a keepsake for my grandchildren. Thank you so much.

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