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“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.”

Eckhart Tolle

Jade plants are one of my favorite plants. THIS jade plant is special, most likely because it was a gift from my son on Mother’s day one year.

Jade plants are easy to grow; they aren’t finicky. They have succulent, round, or oval green leaves and their stems are brownish-green. When jade plants are happy, their leaves are shiny. They love light, although not necessarily direct sunlight. They like a little bit of food, and I use Miracle-gro. I only water mine when the topsoil is about 1″ dry, and I prune off all of the dead leaves as they appear, which isn’t often. I like how its leaves feel between my fingers. I spend a lot of time gently touching and rubbing the leaves and talking to it. Yes, I talk to my plants. It a win-win situation. I talk and they listen, wholeheartedly.

Plants Bring Joy

If you give attention to a plant, it will thrive. A plant is energy. A plant heals. Water it. Feed it. Talk to it. Become still in its presence and sense its aliveness. A plant is surrounded by a field of stillness. Each plant is like an individual of being.

If you allow it, a plant can become a gateway to a connection to yourself.

Mary Ann Burrows

How to Connect to a Plant.

To connect to a plant, you need to view it as a living thing. Its simple. Sit in its presence of being.

  • Sit with it
  • Look at it.
  • Love it.

A plant is still, and yet, it is vitally alive. It is sacred, rooted in being. The more attention you give a plant the more rooted in being, you become. A plant helps us get out of the trap of our conceptualized mind and access the place inside of us where our creativity thrives. A plant releases us from the state that we all fall into at times -where we can’t even sense our own aliveness. A plant teaches us to be free of unnecessary conceptualization.

A plant is deeply peaceful. It needs us. Caring for a plant brings our life purpose and meaning. Humans are disconnected from nature because they are disconnected from their own nature. When we pay attention to nature, even in the form of a plant, it awakens our connection to ourselves and can help heal us on every level.  

The simple act of caring for a plant and watching it grow can bring happiness. If you know someone that needs to have their spirits lifted, buy them a plant. A plant can pull people up out of sadness, by giving them something that is living to care for. Nurturing a plant is a practice, a slow, meditative humbling experience. It takes routine and careful planning to make sure that they live.

12 Benefits of Plants

  1. Plants give back to us, by providing oxygen and by absorbing carbon dioxide.
  2. Plants maintain the atmosphere and bring beauty into any space.
  3. Plants bring calm energy into a room and help decrease anxiety.
  4. Plants help give purpose and meaning to our lives.
  5. Plants help awaken our connection to ourselves.
  6. Caring for plants lifts our mood, making us feel happier and more fulfilled.
  7. Caring for plants teaches us patience, care, and discipline.
  8. Caring involves time and provides us with the joy of witnessing growth.
  9. Plant care makes us feel excited and accomplished whenever we see a new stem or leaf.
  10. Plant care makes us feel creative when a small cutting takes root and then grows.
  11. If a plant gets sick, we have an opportunity to help it thrive by doing a little research and offer it care.
  12. Growing plants save money – cuttings and off-spring make great gifts for friends

Want to experience some joy? Buy a plant. Want to give some joy? Give a plant.

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