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You are more than this body.

We are all writing the story of our lives. I have learned lately that my life is like a play, on a stage unfolding just as it needs to right in front of us.

Love all the actors in your play.

The villain, the Goddess, the bully, the mean one, the silent one, the over analyzer, the one that rescues you,  the one that comes out fighting, and yes even the lady that sells the popcorn.
Each one of the actors in our play holds an important role in the story of our lives.
Some are lead characters and some are just extras but all, are necessary.
When we have suffered (and trust me we all have) then this IS good.
Out of suffering comes awakening for all of the actors in our play from inside their own perspectives as they too sit watching their own stories unfold on the stage of their own lives.
“Whenever we feel that someone has thrown us  into the den of wolves, we need to try to hold back our daggers and know that it was only God. Yes, for every single act in the play of our lives  was made just for us. 
 It was made for us so that we can learn the lessons we need to learn so that we can become more. We are all here to become more. None of us are greater than the next. The minute one thinks they are, they are not.
Tips from Martha Beck 
  • Remember you are safe,
  • Remember that this is not happening to you.
  • This is happening for you
  • Nothing can hurt you.
We all go through this many, many times in our lives and repeating the lessons is good and necessary so that we can all learn and become more. There is no right and wrong, no opposites, no you good and you bad.  The truly enlightened person understands and loves all of it and doesn’t judge others by their unknowingness. They love and accept people for everything that they are.
When we are in the den of wolves feeling safe and holding only love in our hearts without reacting to the projections of others from within their own stories then we emerge knowing that we have learned. Are we going to slip up? Yes, and thats ok too.
This den of wolves scenario is going to happen to all of us again and again, over and over again as we are all here to continue to learn and grow and become more.
Become the creator of our own plays.
Fear not, there will be more opportunities to learn down the way as this den of wolves thing continues for all of us during our lives, many times.
The game of life is not real it is all a projection of consciousness being made by something much more real.
Once we come out the other side of the den of wolves we are more awake, will see that this is THE perfect place to sit .
This is the ultimate clear and most powerful space to be in.
This space has been created from our story, by the creator with the help of all of the actors in our play.

Lets thank our actors and send them love for they have helped lead us to BLISS. 

Bliss is the space where creativity thrives. Where it is fed. Where it is alive
Bliss is where we write from, where we paint from, where we tap into the creative consciousness and flourish…and then we begin the next act of our  play.
Remember this is all happening for us and not to us.
I have learned to be unafraid and to sit back and watch my own play and to witness, really witness the whole story unfolding right before me.
“It is the sea, it is the wave and yet it feels so safe and so solid”
The wonderful, Martha Beck
Life is the sea of which all things arise as we are all waves and nothing can hurt the sea.
All things come and go through what really is and  the field has no opposites.
It always is the eternal now
 It is time for me to move on to Act 3
Excuse me… Miss Can you please bring me more popcorn ??? :)
"Everything around me 
is just a 
an act in a play 
on the stage of
my life."

Mary Ann Burrows 



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  1. really good. Thanks for the email. I am Looking forward to meeting you in the workshop :) :)

  2. Post
  3. This is so amazing and true ! I too have seen this happen to people that are constantly in their heads and always in the negative inside of the story and yes, even me at times. Thank you for this.

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