Practicing Reserection

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Flying through harsh weather.

I am struggling and yearning.

Is life meant for me

to practice resurrection ?

Floating as grace under fire,

with an open heart,

I call out to others

to let them know that they too are loved 

and looked for, when lost.

I may become their home for a while,

detached, I inspirit them, 

then leave, without looking back,

in full energy, moving forward.

Bring on more storms, 

for I am free. 

I have become un-tied from all loss

and have tethered the winds for rebirth.

I sail in unity with something far greater than myself,

even in times of bewilderment.

Every storm, a gift, a new opening. 

through which I emerge, 

and come a little bit closer to seeing 

that I am made of everything

that I have been searching for.

Each time becoming a more 

complete version of myself

M.A. Burrows.

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