Rattling Beliefs Mini Series Begins in 2 days

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I am so excited to have my studio up and running just in time to launch my Free mini-series Rattling Beliefs.

I think we’re going to have a blast jumping in and playing with colours, and really open up our imaginations.

The timing is absolutely perfect.

Its time for all of our beliefs to be rattled. Everyone has old stories and beliefs.  These feed our fear and bring assumptions and judgement of ourselves and others front and centre as our guides. All of this ruins our creativity and often forces us down into the rabbit hole of a warped reality where we tend to all see things, not as they truly are but how our fears want us to in an effort to feed our own ego and protect us.

But what if we let that all go?

What if we really were one, all plugged in and connected into the living creative consciousness,  without judgement, without assumptions and with only love and curiosity?

What would that look and feel like?

All of our own fears and fears of what people will think about us and of our choices need to be challenged once in a while.

Lets bring this out onto a canvas.

Step out of all of our old beliefs and into the real realm of creativity and bring meaning to the world through our creativity.

This ain’t for the faint of heart…but may just change your life..

If you are interested in learning more about the full Rattling Beliefs Creativity Series coming in the fall join the waiting list here.

Rattling Beliefs Workshop Waitlist

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(Students: If you are registered for the mini-series and haven’t received your Course Intro, and lesson #1 -email me at maryannb@eastlink.ca as we no longer use the FB platform)

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