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FREE Mini-Series Wild Side

On-Line Workshop Series

Starting June 30th

I am sorry but the spots for this  workshop have been filled.

Please put  your name on the waiting list for the next offering.

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All creative souls, which include every human on earth,  live within a field of unlimited creativeness.  Maybe today is the day for you to decide that the time is NOW to become the exotic, eccentric, the bizarre and to welcome in the strangeness that lives within yourself.

Are you able to find enough love within yourself to accept this strange beauty?  What is strange beauty?   If you look around in nature you will see strange beauty everywhere.  Within nature is where there is an allowance for diversity that is endless.  Take a closer look at plants and flowers or walk in a forest and there you will witness the work of Mother Nature. There is a love and an acceptance of the peculiar and the sensational within her sacred work.

There is an exotic and strange and wild side to all of us. Yes, even you. Oh yes, its there, we all have it.  Do you recall as a child how much you loved to play and within your imagination you could become absolutely anything that you wanted to? I remember that I thought I could actually fly. I often used my vivid mind to unleash the fearless side of me that only I knew. What happened to her?  I grew up and like all of us, I experienced shame, or criticism from others as she came to the surface as being odd or ‘different’ so I slowly tucked her away, back in her box in order to go with the flow, not shine and fit in.  Well…She’s Baaaaaccckkk.  Through my creative journey  I have found her again and allowed her to flourish in my life.

There seems to be this wave of new creativity within all of us and in the world around us, currently that is brewing, stirring and unsettled. I know that I have certainly felt it and most likely if you are a sensitive, creative soul, you have been feeling this too. This feeling has several layers and can feel both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.  It causes one to feel restless, empty, unfulfilled, unheard, and often unhappy. Maybe the answer is that the time has come for change. Its time to seek out the strange, the new the unconventional the different and the disturbing.   Lets all surrender together, hold hands and fall into it.

If this is you, maybe now is the time to for you to also make peace with that part of yourself, acknowledge her, tell her you love her and that the time has come for  her to come out and play through your creativity.

Is it time to throw out all of your old ideas of how you feel the world should be, or what is right and wrong, according to fixed ideas and make room for the new?  It all starts with a small shift in thought.

Join me on the Wild Side a series of on-line workshops, commencing June 30th, where I will show you how to find her (or him)  call her in and unleash her through your creative work.  Is it time to accept her strange beauty in everything exciting  and unfamiliar in your life?

Your wild side holds the key to your creativity. She is the one that pushes your thinking outside of the box. She is the side of you that, once beckoned out to play, will ignite you and light your fire helping you to express yourself to the world without limitations, without holding back anything.

She is the WOOHOO in YOU.

Bring her into all areas of your life where you need to expand and become more. I cannot wait to meet your wild side. :) :)

This is where the magic starts.

Remember…Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Hope to see you there.

With Love,

Mary Ann

Syllabus for the Workshop 

This workshop series  is being offered as a  free mini-series of my larger workshops.  It’s a good opportunity for me as I work to refine and develop my material and for you as participants to help me out by providing me with some feedback.  This workshop mini-series will be held for 2 weeks during the time period of June 30-July 12th. Each week beginning on, Saturday June 30th, I post a hands-on weekly lesson out to the group via email and participants respond to that lesson by the Thursday of the following week.  I have taken several workshops this way and the best part about them is that they fit perfectly into busy lives.  Participants are able to see what everyone else is saying on that subject. This is all done on the platform of google groups. A lot of the richness of the workshop held in a series like this is seeing what your fellow participants have to say as they too travel through the experience and tap into their own wild side.  Then, once participants have posted, I identify an area of interest from each participant’s post that I think is important to comment on and share my thoughts with the group.  Based on the willingness of the group we may consider gathering via zoom for a final farewell and wind up.

SIGN UP QUICK as  SPACE WILL BE LIMITED for this Free Mini-Series.

Finding Your Wild Side

FREE Mini-series Workshop commencing June 30th-July 12th,2018

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