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As a creative soul your mind is always working, even as we sleep. I personally have a pen and book at my bedside and often receive my best creative ideas through dreams at around 3 am.  I wake up and write them down.  My life is a constant outpouring of creative energy.  This often leaves me feeling depleted, dry, tired.

The hardest part about being creative is that you can’t just shut it off at 5 pm. Often everything you do or think is somehow centred around creativity.  When I am sitting and relaxing with a glass of wine and a listening to a friend talk I am also redecorating the pattern on the wallpaper in the room.  It can be annoying for others to be around.  I have had to learn how to turn it off.

Without being able to step away from your creative mind one can often be left feeling exhausted , worn out, unnourished.  Even the creative mind needs to rest and re-fill.

Sometimes its hard to be the receiver. It might be helpful to view stepping away more as an exchange of universal energy.  This helped me, although in my experience, I  had to first be willing to receive the energy back. I had to work at seeing this as necessary and  surrender any guilt or shame around having needs in the first place in order to heal and replenish them.

Getting ready to receive nourishment, rather then send it out is hard. It is an adjustment of thought and attitude. The 3 minute grounding  meditation on my website is a great way to start.  Heres the LINK.

Its important to be able to feel that the universe receives  joy from being able to give back to you, too. This meditation helps with opening up your heart and mind to receive. This can only happen if we feel worthy and delight in receiving  and be able to accept and embrace it with open arms and feel happy.  This flow-back to you and exchange of energy, also helps with the flow of life as it encourages the creativity of your magic back into the universe once you feel rested and nourished.

Not accepting nourishment back as a gift is impeding the flow.

Once you rest and refill your well, your creativity will feel effortless.

How to Allow 

At least one hour a week.. or as necessary

Meditate (It always seems to come back to meditation)

Allow your mind to shut off

Step away

Close the computer

Switch off your phone

Be with yourself for a little while.

Let it all go so it can flow.

Just be

Take a warm salt bath

Listen to music




Practice giving yourself exactly what you need at this time.

Guess what? The more often you do this the more skilled you will become at identifying your own needs and the more creative you will become.


Wherever  You Go – Go with All your Heart

With Love,

Mary Ann


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