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I was so happy when Sara announced that  she would be sharing her wonderful space, her knowledge and gift of meditation. .

Sara is a healer and she has been studying meditation and healing, plants and herbs for years.  She travels to Rishikesh, India and Mexico year after year to meditate. She has studied under  the late  YOGI BHAJAN and corrently  with Guru Dave. When she studies she often sits in meditation  for 17 hour days .  She has studied Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa and many levels of Meditation with too many to name. Her own practice starts every morning from 4-6 am.

I feel so honoured to be taking a mediation class twice a week with Sara.  She lives on a farm a few miles from my house.

The Journey

On Mondays and Thursdays I look forward to driving to Sara’s as I can start to feel her energy the moment I turn onto her road.  Many women that have seen Sara say that they feel the same thing.  I recall being at a low point in my life a while back and in search of a little lift, I drove down Sara’s driveway.  I saw her sitting in her window, but because I hadn’t made an appointment, I didn’t want to disturb her so I took in a few big breaths of her energy,  turned my car around and drove out. It was ok, it was perfect as  it was all I needed. Even with that brief moment, I could feel her healing energy soothing my soul.

The Pathway

When I walk down the cobbled pathway to Sara’s little home, the bricks are all sitting uneven and broken, and at one point you have to walk over some roots of a tree. As I walk towards her home I often think of the pathway of my own life, with all of its’ bumps, and twists and turns.  My  life certainly hasn’t been a smoothly paved golden road.  I think about how much strength we all need to walk through the lessons in life and  how we have to be careful not to trip and how sometimes we can’t see if its dark out and we need to use our intuition like a flashlight to see what’s ahead.

The Doorway

I walk up the wooden steps to her purple, open door and I feel the heat from her wood-burning stove wrapping around my shoulders, grabbing my arm, embracing me and walking me in the door like a dear old friend  that loves me, unconditionally.   Her home always smells like fresh sage and flowers.  She has a few well-loved deities and stones and candles adorning her perfectly imperfect stressed wooden cabinets.

When I am at Sara’s I always feel that I could curl up by her wood stove, and never leave. 

The Haven

Sara is usually draped in beautiful linen, a lot of which she sews herself.  She is tiny and thin and wears her hair up in a knotted bun on her head, no make up, no wrinkles and her olive skin is flawless.   She looks younger ever time I see her. Don’t mistake tiny with weak, she is strong.  She is the farmer, the tiller of the soil, her heart is in the earth and she honours and blesses the land that grows her food.  She eats most of her own home grown food and sells flowers during the summer. She will often mix up a blend of herbs or tea specific for her friend’s ailments or needs. She understands and is one with nature, Spirit and her own soul.

Sara exemplifies spiritualness.

I find peace at Saras. When she talks, her words are few but they  have meaning and truth and are helpful.

We simply meditate.

 We Be.

Every week Sara talks about something different. Last night she spoke about the importance of not talking. So many people just talk to fill up space.

So much of how we think about ourselves, others and the world is created through words and conversation. But if we take time for silence we can uncover a much richer, fuller world.

It comes in the stillness
A wordless knowing
Of everything
And beautifully nothing

It made me think of the constant chatter of others…often speaking nonsense,  undertones, out of jealousy, or with hidden agendas projecting fears of their own. Often people just talk on and on and on just to hear their own voice, (ego) or  to fill an emptiness inside of their own life.   One can always hear fear in another’s words.

After last night I took a very serious look at my own life and who I listen to, surround myself with…Time to weed out a few.

This lesson helped me to see clearly how important it is for me, especially as a highly creative person, to tune out, to change the channel and to not listen to useless words anymore.  It is time to hit the delete button on the chitter-chatterness so that I can think clearly as   this is really the only way that I will be able to sit in my own power and to see the pathway to my soul’s purpose.  For this to happen I need to:




and when I  think I am  done…

meditate some more.

“In the silence of meditation, I find the emptiness, the nothingness, where my soul can connect with my intuition and higher-self,  for guidance,  and creativeness, so that I am able to clearly see the path to my purpose.” Mary Ann Burrows

We did a beautiful meditation last night that helps do just that –  remove the dust out of our minds.

I encourage everyone to connect with more people, like Sara, in the world.  People that inspire, but that possibly don’t say too much.  People that choose their words carefully and have integrity and that are real, but don’t have to keep telling you that they are.   When you find them you will know as what they do say has meaning and purpose and isn’t simply filling a void as idle chitter-chatter.

With So MUCH Love,

Mary Ann

Sara’s Website 

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